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~~~Feedback for angeldoll~~~

Nov 22, 2006

    1. I had wonderful transactions with angeldoll. I sold her 2 dolls in the past and another one today. She's an excellent buyer; nice communication and instant payments. :)
    2. angeldoll bought "Kuuta's head" and "U-Noa 2nd Dollybird Special Kit" from me~.

      All of her PMs were fast and very polite, her payment was fast :)
      She's a very nice buyer!!

      Angeldoll is a great pleasure to deal with :aheartbea
      I highly recommend Angeldoll!!
      Thank you very much :blush
    3. Another great transaction with angeldoll. She bought a doll body, everything went smooth as usual. Higly recommended buyer! :)
    4. angeldoll is a great buyer :)
      Very smooth communication and speedy payment :)
      To deal with her is a great pleasure!!:))
    5. angeldoll is a great buyer.
      She pays fast, comunication is awsome.
      Woderful person to deal with :D
    6. I bought from her a wonderful SD13 boy Kohya *__*
      She sent him very fast and very good package. The payment metod with layaway was very helpful and she gives you a lot of facilities. I highly recommended her :)

      Thank you for all!! I'm charmed with him!
    7. I bought a head from Angeldoll. I confess that I begged her to sell to me, and she very kindly did...making my dream doll come true.

      She went beyond the call of duty to ensure that everything was perfect for me...packing carefully, sending promptly and even including some rare and lovely eyes in the colour I needed.

      If you have the opportunity to deal with Angeldoll, then count yourself lucky.
    8. Angeldoll is a superb buyer, cannot praise highly enough - she purchased a Unoa B-el from me, and I'm delighted he has gone to such a good home :) Prompt payment, excellent communication, patient and an absolute pleasure to deal with.
    9. She really is what her name says, an angel. She was amazingly patient when the post office screwed around with the package, and I thank her for being so understanding.
    10. I had a very quick, super easy transaction with angeldoll. She paid quickly, and new exactly what she wanted! Thanks!
    11. I highly recommend Angeldoll ! (like other ^^) I bought a doll to her and all it passed very well, the communication was very pleasant and the packet fast sending! Thank you again ! :)
    12. Wonderful buyer, paid quickly and was great to deal with! ^^
    13. Just completed a transaction with angeldoll - great communication, fast delivery, everything was in perfect condition! :)

      Many thanks!

    14. Just bought a gorgeous pair of eyes from angeldoll.....fast shipping and VERY well packaged!
    15. Angeldoll is a great seller! I have bought a doll from her in the past and the body I got from her 2 days ago already arrived! She's very friendly and always answer the pm-s very quick! I would very much recommend her to anyone and I hope I will deal with her again in the future!
    16. Angeldoll participated in a slit with me, and was a great partner all the way through. Thanks! :)
    17. Just completed a trade with Angeldoll and everything went like a dream!
      Great communication,lovely person to deal with and superfast shipping.
      Thankyou so much Fiona :)
    18. i got the doll. she was perfectly packaged :P No damage what so ever!!! thank you :D
    19. sold a wig to angeldoll, lovely to deal with and very patient :) thanks so much.. would recommend to everyone :D
    20. Angeldoll bought a body from me, with prompt payment and good communication. I'm very pleased with the transaction and wouldn't hesitate to have business with her again!