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Feedback for Angelicfrizrd

Sep 22, 2008

    1. I sold a wig to angelicfrizard and it was a lovely transaction! Great communication and quick payment, a real great experience! :)
    2. angelicfrizard purchased a Slim Mini grab bag from me and was super quick to pay. She's very easy to chat with and was fabulous enough to let me know when it arrived.

      Thank you A! :)
    3. angelicfrizard, purchased an abio angel ling off me on short layaway, she was great to deal with paid quickly and was easy to contact would do business with again.
    4. angelicfrizrd recently bought some clothing from my sale thread. Smooth transaction, quick payment. Please enjoy!
    5. angelicfrizard received a free face up from me for her AA Ling. The transaction was very smooth and communication was great. She is very patient and sweet. I would definitely recommend doing business with her! :)
    6. Angelicfrizrd participated in my third For My Doll group order and the transaction went well. :)

      :clover Thank you for participating in this group order. :clover
    7. Angelicfrizrd bought a Piki and part of a Pukisha set from me. She paid promptly and let me know when the package arrived. Thanks a bunch~ :aheartbea
    8. Angelicfrizard bought Migidoll Ryu head from me. Transaction was smooth, communication always friendly, and payment very prompt. Thank you so much!
    9. I sold a tiny doll to angelicfrizard on layaway. Payments came quickly and everything was perfect although she had a little problem that wasnt her fault. Once I informed her she was wonderful and reponsible and everything went smooth. Very kind very nice would def sell to her again ^o^
    10. I did a faceup for her AA and her Puki, she was great to deal with and would recommend future business with her, Thankx!!
    11. I purchased a wig from AngelicFrizrd. The delivery was fast and comunication was awesome. She is very nice to Exchange/deal/work with! I definietly recommend <3
    12. I did a trade of a lot of puki clothes (I had) for two MSD outfits from angelicfrizrd here! Great communication, fast shipping and she let me know as soon as her stuff arrived! THANX!:pcupcake
    13. angelicfrizard participated in one of my Dollmore GOs. She paid her invoice very quickly, and also got all her information to me quickly as well. Definitely a great GO member!
    14. angelicfrizard commissioned me for two chibi drawings of her dolls, she was super lovely to deal with, fully appreciated the art and was super-quick with the payment <3
      A real pleasure to deal with and talk to, awesome person n__n
    15. angelicfrizard and I traded heads (boy, does that sentence sound weird or what?) She packed my Bera head very well and shipped her quickly, an all-around excellent transaction. Thanks again! :)
    16. Brought a Migidoll Ryu head from Angelic! :D He arrived safely and was packaged really well. <3! Thanks!
    17. Angelicfrizard hosted an 'Alice in Wonderland' swap that I joined.

      The swap went smoothly and she kept on top of it. I would join any future swaps she hosts.
    18. Sold a customized handmade furwig to angelicfrizard. An absolute wonder to work with. Quick payment and fast PMs. Definitely a A+ Buyer! Thumbs Upz! ^_____^v
    19. angelicfrizard bought handmade necklaces from me
      Perfect transaction ^_^
      With super fast payment and pm, couldn't be happier
      Thank you very much again!!!