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feedback for angelificatus

Oct 9, 2006

    1. Mia is wonderful!
      She is such a nice person to deal with.
      I recently bought a head from her.
      She is a A++++ seller.
      I highly recommend her ^__^
    2. Mia is a lightning fast seller with the friendliest of communication!

    3. Mia is a delight to deal with, and she has my highest recommendation and praise. Thanks to her, I now have a beautiful Latidoll Elf Aida in my family. Thanks, Mia!
    4. I bought two beautiful outfits from Mia and they arrived super fast and were perfect . . . I love them and need to do a photoshoot in December with them. :)
    5. I sold her a pair of Mio trousers and my first hand-made outfit (a long long time ago). Mia is a lovely lady to deal with, most kind and very reliable. ^_^ Thank you, dear!
    6. Mia is great to deal with, very kind and polite. I've bought Heath's body from her and had very happy transaction.
    7. I bought a fabulous shirt from Mia. Careful packaging ensured that it arrived safe and sound, wonderful communication made the wait easier and she's such a friendly member to deal with!

      Thanks so much! :daisy
    8. :daisy :daisy :daisy Hi Everyone,:daisy :daisy :daisy
      Thank you so much Taylor for starting a feedback thread for me ! :daisy !

      Also, my ebay id is also : angelificatus

      Thank You So Very Much For Your Time ! :daisy

      Excellent Private Transactions : Buyers from me (B) Sellers to me (S)

      Ai Chaku/ Shorwei B/S
      Aie B
      Aimee S B/S
      Allestra B
      Amy M/ softlyshewalks B/S
      angeldoll B
      Angie2Insana B
      Anika/gothic librarian B
      Annika W B
      aphath B
      AutumMyste B
      Aznbutterly S

      Barb / Mi4ctzs /lisianthus B/S
      Beckers B/S
      Biscuitbear S
      Boudicca B/S

      Caddyvamp/Deborah B
      Cassiel B/S
      Chinadoll S
      Chris / cmdolz B
      Connie/krambear B
      Cristy Lee / CFashionForum S
      Cynthia in Flinthills S

      Dark_Angel B
      Descending_Twilight B
      dollwear by staci S

      elf-ears B
      evildolly/Stephanie B

      Fairlight B
      Fancyboots/Diep B/S
      Freddy Tan S

      girlcreeture S
      glass mountain/Jessica B/S
      Gloria /Pleasantly Transformed B/S

      HouseofIsis B
      Hyla B/S

      Janne / angelbase B/S
      Jenova S
      Jesse/ dollseye B/S
      julia B/S

      Kagari B
      Karen C B,S
      KarinBussman/AjumapamaUSA B/S
      Kat / Kathryn S
      Kelly / Kellyhime B
      Keeley_Keena B
      Kim / Kim in Germany B
      Kiriko_Moth B
      Kirstin / Sabrielle B
      krambear/Connie B

      Lishe B
      Liz N/ lizbeth B/S
      Lolly B
      Lynn Turner/Pacific Rin B/S
      Lucky13 B

      Michelle in Alaska B
      Michelle/ celticgeekess B
      Mollie Bradford B/S

      Nako B
      Neale G - Canada B
      neverland B
      Nikittin/ Nicky B

      padawansguide/ Maggie B
      Patti / eacretp B
      Pei B
      Porrii B
      Poshdolls / Elaine S
      purplekaren B

      ravendolls B
      Remy B
      Robyn_in_WA B,S
      roux B

      sakuraevolution B
      SapphireMusings B
      s2kitty B
      Seph B/S
      Sher B
      Sherry B
      Shin B
      Shizalent B
      Silvia B
      SKYWHYS/ Kathleen B/S
      Sparki B
      St James B
      sylvrdragon S

      Tamara/thekittybox B
      Taylor B
      TreeLore B

      Valentine B/S
      Violaine B

      World in a Cage/Leeda B
      Wendy R B
      Wicked Stitchery B

      yume_jp S

      zagzagael / Elizabeth B
      Zillah B

      Excellent Seller/Trader
      yume_jp/ Irei

      Excellent Shopping Service :D


      If I forget anyone,please pm me...I will be editing later to add on to the list!

    9. 1st March, 2007 - PM'd Angelificatus about SD16 Olivia Morgan
      1st March, 2007 - received Paypal request for payment
      1st March, 2007 - made payment via Paypal
      8th March, 2007 - seller shipped package
      15th March, 2007 - received package

      Angelificatus is a great buyer... I don't think I've ever received a package that was so well wrapped! Olivia is just as gorgeous in person as the beautiful pictures that Angelificatus provided. I'm so happy with her! *^^*
    10. Mia is a wonderful seller to deal with!!! She answers PM's promptly and ships out items super fast! Thanks Mia!!!
    11. angelificatus got Tsubaki through me :)

      All of PMs were very polite and friendly :aheartbea Payment was fast, too!!
      Her personality is so lovely and fun to talk with :D

      I send super positive for Angelificatus :thumbup
      I highly recommend Angelificatus!! Thank you very much~:aheartbea
    12. I have both bought (clothes) and sold (doll) to angelificatus and I can say with confidence that she is an asset to the DoA Marketplace. Not only professional, but always a delight to deal with. Thank you, Mia!
    13. I bought an SA Hound from Mia a couple months ago. She was super to deal with! The doll came absolutely beautifully packed, with extra clothing, and he is lovely. Thank you so much, Mia!
    14. Have had many wonderful transactions with Mia.. Always a true pleasure. Hope to have many more!
    15. Mia is a lovely and professional seller. So glad to get to know her and I hope I'll deal wit her again in the future :D
    16. Alice Cherry Blossom is my wonderful Christmas gift!!

      I adopted her from Mia and I's really amazing!! She came very fast in a safe pack and gift wrap!! With X'mas card!!!

      I never dealt with this kind of seller before. I think I didn't get only a doll, but I also received a precious happy time from Mia.
    17. Mia's wonderful to communicate with & prompt with her pms & payment. Hopw to deal with her again. :)
      Thanks for buying from me!
      Have a Berry Berry Merry Holidays!!!!
      *HUGS* :aheartbea
    18. Mia is an awesome buyer!!! I wish all transactions went as smoothly. Wonderful to deal with, would love to do business with again!
    19. I had a fantastic transaction with Mia, she replied to my WTB thread for a Limwha Half Elf, and she was very kind, patient and answered all my questions quickly. She offered pics of the doll and even more pics when I had some questions. She arrived today and her box was wrapped like a Christmas present, complete with a bow and card and gave me a free gift of a pair of blue eyes, and a "baby bunting" type cloak to protect her French resin if I wanted to use it...what an awesome seller!! Thank you so much for my beautiful elf..she is just what I was searching for.:aheartbea
    20. I bought a lovely Masha's from angelificatus, she shipped her very fast,

      great communication,she is nice person.

      She is a great seller.

      I highly recommend her

      Thanks, so much I love my girl ^_^