Feedback for angelofdeath275

May 8, 2009

    1. :)angelofdeath275 bought a MNF Lishe from me. She was very, very nice and the whole transaction went supersmooth! I would recommend angelofdeath275 here in the Marketplace:):):)
    2. I bought a AE Yara from her. Great communication and prompt shipping. The doll was perfect. I'd do business with her again. :)
    3. Angelofdeath275 bought some clothing from me, and it was a fantastic transaction. Payment was prompt, and communication was fast and friendly. I look forward to doing business again! :aheartbea
    4. Angelofdeath275 purchased a MiniFee Miyu head from me and we had a very pleasant transaction. She's very friendly and on top of communication. Payment was sent when promised and I wouldn't hesitate to work with her again.

      :bcake:pcake Thankies! :pcake:bcake
    5. Angelofdeath275 bought a Minifee El from me.She was a pleasure to do business with, excellant communication, payment was sent on time.Highly reccomended seller ^_~
    6. Angel commissioned me to give her darling boy a faceup. She was very patient and wonderful to work with! A++!!
    7. I bought a Haruka head from AngelofDeath and she sent it out quickly in perfect condition. Thanks!
    8. POSETIVE with a tiny tiny side of nuetral.

      I bought a BBB mature WS Sprite body from AngelofDeath. We had a few issues, I paied earlier than expected (layaway) and she had some real life problems, busy work etc so sending the body out was delayed.

      When the doll arrived, the packaging was good, the box wasn't damaged by the postal service or anything and it arrived fairly fast concidering when it was sent.
      The body itself was a little dirty and grubby. Not much of a problem because I can clean it fine, it just wasn't mentioned in the sales post and the images diddn't show any dirty marks. It's possible the marks happened when she was packing the doll, but I am sure it did not happen during transit as I can't find anything on the cushion pouch thing or in the box that would have caused it.

      Thats really the only issue I had with it, I did let her know but I feel she may have felt a bit hurt because I am increadily blunt. I could have worded my PM's better and for that I appologise.

      I also had no idea that BBB dont supply S hooks in the hands and feet and thought that because my RS Song came with them, that this would have had them too. I later confirmed that BBB really diddn't supply them, I ate my humble pie and appologised. No S hooks were not her fault but at the same time, it wasn;t really a stupid assumption for me to make. I had never owned a BBB or RS doll before and both arrived on the same day, because the RS doll had them, I assumed the BBB would (them being sister companies and all)

      Communication was ok, I will say that I had to contact her before I knew anything about the doll being sent, I did not know about delays until I had messaged her and asked if the doll had been shipped yet, because we were doing tracked shipping, I was excited about finding out when the body would arrive.

      She was very polite in every PM and I like to think I also was, like I say, I am a very blunt and sarcastic person, not everyone understands my personality first time around and I often find people taking things the wrong way and getting upset. I did feel that in her last PM she was a little bit rude but that could also be me taking it the wrong way or she may have taken me the wrong way and felt a bit defensive. Either way:

      I have the body now, my floating head has a body and I am actually pretty happy. I needed to get the equipment to clean, restring and care for dolls anyway so it's not a loss at all.

      I wouldn't be hesitant to do buisness again but I would appreciate slightly better communication and a more accurate description next time.
    9. Leaving positive feedback here!

      I bought an NS minifee a-line male body from angelofdeath275. I will admit I was a tiny bit hesitant to buy from her as she did not have much feedback and also did not appear to have sold anything for about half a year but she had a very reasonable price so I went for it. On top of that there were no unclothed pictures of the body, but she assured me that there were no marks on the body. I'm a natural worrier so it really was nothing personal. She shipped the body and gave me the tracking number quickly and the body arrived just as described~

      Overall, angelofdeath275 is a very trustworthy seller and I'm glad I purchased from her ^^ Merry Christmas!
    10. i bought a mnf b-line girl body from angelofdeath275. great communication, and everything arrived in great condition.

      thank you again!
    11. I purchased a Minifee El sleeping faceplate from AngelofDeath275. Communication was slower than I'm used to. (She actually has a life and doesn't hound the board like I do.) She always responded to my emails and was kind and courteous.
    12. Great seller!!! Excellent communication and super fast shipping. My MNF head arrived in perfect condition and well packaged. It was a pleasure doing business with angelofdeath275. Thank you!!!