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Feedback for angelofpurity

Jun 26, 2009

    1. I had a great transaction with angelofpurity, she bought a doll from me. Paid superfast and kept in touch all the way. Thanks again!!:D
    2. AOP bought a jina head on layaway from me and paid faster then promised! thanks!
    3. I sold to angelofpurity. She was so pleasant to deal with- fast communication and payment!
      Thanks so much and enjoy ^^~
    4. I purchased a Dollcatch Winy from angelofpurity and paid immediately. All seemed to be going well until she fell ill and informed all her buyers that she would not be able to ship out as expected, the earliest she could ship was Monday (this was midweek). I was quite fine with this and informed her so in a pm to which I had no reply.

      By Tuesday, having not heard from her, I pm'd her asking if she had any idea when she was likely to ship, but received no response, then I opened my mail on Wednesday to find that she had in fact sent me and apparently all her other buyers their money back, without either notifying me or asking if I wished for a refund. Not only that, but rather than using the refund option, she had merely sent me it as a payment, meaning I lost a percentage of it in paypal fees.

      I'm sorry that angelofpurity fell ill and I hope she feels better soon, but I am deeply unhappy with the transaction since I would have happily waited until she felt better to ship, as I'm sure all her other buyers would have also.

      I feel her other buyers should be aware of what happened between us in order to make an educated choice on dealing with her and once again, I hope she gets over her illness soon.
    5. angelofpurity has bought a number of things from the cottage and always wonderful transaction. most recently she bought a Limwha Half Elf.. she is of the utmost integrity and highly recommend as a customer always.
    6. I just want to say to those who I had to return the money to that I'm sorry. This is what happen: I'm not fully recovered yet, but have been in contact with some of you, beginning with those of you who I managed to pack the the things to before I got ill. It seemed that I reacted to the antibiotic I got for a chronic sinusitis condition I've had for months. In combination with an intake of milc products it has knocked me out, and I almost can't remember anything for almost over a week. Since I recently moved to my family due to my health, they can confirm this. What also can be used against me, is that I have a great sense of justice and it bothered me so much in my condition that I had money that belonged to someone else and I wasn't either able to ship their purchases or to contact every one of them to ask their wish, that I felt the only right thing was to pay them back what belonged to them. Since my goal wasn't to earn a whole lot of money, just enough to finance the ones I had bought myself and downsize my collection considerably, and the fact that EMS shipping is extremoumsly expensive from Norway, I sold my dolls and head for very much less than the norm. So in order to pay for the shipping I actually had to transfer some of the money to my bank account. I honestly didn't know about the fees some of you lost. The reason is exactly that, I had to connect a new card to my pay pal in order to pay those of you back where the refund were not sufficient because I usually just use the balance. I will of course pay for that immediately. I'm sorry that I've caused someone financial loss, I really didn't intend to. In the state of mind that I was I honestly though that the fees honestly applied to my side there and then. My normal self would have automatically have paid back a higher amount to cover for lost fees on an earlier point on your side. I'm truly sorry.
    7. Dear Angelofpurity
      I know that you are sick, I sympathize and do not doubt you. There are some nasty bugs going around right now.
      Since I had bought one of the dolls in question and paid for her in full, it does not matter to me about paypal fees or if she was packed or not. This is not my concern. We had a deal and it had not quite gone as planned. As it stands right now, you have flaked on me.
      I wish you had kept the money I sent because at least that way I would know that I was getting the girl or not. I would have waited, so long as you kept in contact with me.
      However since you have returned the money (without me asking and in full) and fallen out of contact with me (you have not answered several pms) I will assume now that the girl I bought is no longer for sale. I hope that you will contact me first if this changes, and offer her for the price we agreed on. I may or may not have the money at that time. I will not be saving my cash waiting on you because of the lack of communication. I know you were on-line a little over the last week too. How hard would it have been to let me know the girl was mine or not?
      To other buyers:
      during the sale, her contact was quick, questions answered. Pleasant to deal with
      BUT since the illness, she has flaked on me. This makes me very sad. I would be more understanding if she had better communication, ANY communication actually.
      I waited to post this because I wanted to hear from her and give her the benefit of the doubt. Not any more. However I did not loose any money in this-this is good
      Buy with caution
      If this sale turns around I will post again, later...
    8. I would like to add that angelofpurity has since sent me a further $10 to cover the fees I lost when she refunded me wrongly, but I still have not had any contact from her other than than the paypal message.

      At this point, I consider this transaction over, but I maintain, BUYER BEWARE.
    9. I sold angelofpurity my cherishdoll Beau, and I can honestly say the transaction could not have been better. She paid me right away and responded to my pms even though she was sick. She let me know when Beau arrived and was so very polite and lovely to talk to! It felt like I was talking to a close friend x3 she is incredibly sweet and gave me more than enough to cover the shipping cost. I cannot stress enough how friendly she is! I would 100% do business with her again. Thank you so much!! :aheartbea:aheartbea
    10. I'm not going to be saying a lot during this feedback, because i'm just too overly disapointed. I was going to be buying a Dollcatch Stella from angelofpurity. I'd been dreaming about her doll after seeing her photos and decided I had to have her because she was just perfect. I waited patiently for two weeks for angelofpurity to ship her out, but she fell ill and was not able to ship. That was when all her buyers were refunded money, then a week later I was told that she decided she no longer wanted to sell Stella to me. *cries*
      It had been a month since we had agreed to the sale, and I had done a lot around the house to prepare for her including buying clothes, shoes, etc for her that now, don't have a doll since i've only got a boy.
      I'm so severely let down here :(
      At the current time i'm hoping, praying, almost to the point of begging Angelofpurity to reconsider, and continue with the transaction we had agreed upon at the beggining of this month. I'm in love with her girl!
      If she does come through for me, I will be posting again with much more positive feedback, but for the time being, here's to a very disapointed doll collector.
    11. I was the eager buyer for Angelofpurity's Samantha Herren #3 doll.
      Our transaction has been quite bumpy over all, and communication was lacking. I understand she was sick, but I have been stalking her profile everyday to check her status and find reasons why there was no reply to me, and she was on DOA everyday during our first transaction.

      Story time:
      It is like this: I paid for the doll the same day Angelofpurity put her up. I would absolutely LOVE to own a Samantha Herren doll, and seeing her marketplace thread brought me high up into the sky.

      She was to ship 'soon', but after a week of pm's Angelofpurity refunded me through paypal as payment method, saying she was terribly ill and wish to do us buyers right. Another week passed by as I waited for her to get better, and she had been online everyday with no reply to my pm asking her to let me know when she gets better so we can try the transaction again.

      Finaly, last sunday (november 15) I pm'ed her about buying her doll. She replied fast with happy faces and a joyful tone about trying our transaction again. I paid once more. She said she would ship on tuesday, november 17. From that sunday to today (november 20, friday) I saw that Angelofpurity was online 3 times. I receive no replies to my emails or pm's until today.

      I was told that I gave her a prophecy due to my excessive question about her ability to limp to the post office with her sickness, and that she realized how important the Herren doll was to her.

      That concludes our entire transaction(s), ending with a bitter taste and my disappointment. I have been extremely excited about this purchase and have made other purchases to accomidate this new doll, which in the beginning Angelofpurity had told me she was happy to have the doll off her hands. This month was wasted in fruitless hope. I supposed it is impossible now to get my dream doll from her, and this feedback is thus negative.

      2/5 communication
      -- shipping/handling (the doll was never shipped. In other terms, 0/5)
      -- packing
      0/5 experience as seller
    12. While my experience with angelofpurity was ultimately POSITIVE and I found her eminently reasonable, there is more negative than positive feedback in this thread, so I'm leaving my complete experience for future buyers to evaluate.

      I put my Anais II up for sale and hadn't bumped the thread for a couple weeks, but angelofpurity found the thread and offered to buy her, initially with layaway but ended up giving me the full amount up front (for which I was very grateful). However, I hadn't bumped any of my marketplace threads because my car was in the shop, meaning I couldn't drive to the post office. I was told my car would be fixed within a week, which I told her, but it ended up being delayed, which I also told her and offered to refund her money if she felt nervous about the transaction. The day my car is returned to me, only about 9 days from the date I was paid, I am about to ship her when I receive a PM from angelofpurity saying that she needs a refund so that she can refund all the buyers who had bought stuff from her that she couldn't ship because she was sick. This made me realize that she had paid me with money that wasn't "hers" yet -- I never spend the money I am paid for a doll until the doll has successfully reached its owner. I felt this was irresponsible (I had only offered the refund because I wasn't currently able to ship the doll, but at the time I received her PM I was very able), so I refunded her everything except her $300 downpayment, and left the decision to her whether to continue with the original layaway plan. She repaid me the total amount (and both times she paid me, she was very generous to cover my shipping! I refunded her the extra), and I shipped Anais out to her.

      She left me very positive feedback, even though she could have complained that I wasn't able to ship the doll at the date she paid me (to be fair, she never told me she was paying me the full amount, I expected the payment to be a $300 downpayment, and my car surely would have been fixed by the end of the layaway). She also could have complained that even though I offered her a refund, I refunded everything but the down payment when she actually asked for one because I felt the reason for the refund were "flaking on transaction" reasons, not "I'm genuinely concerned you are a scammer" reasons. I'm saying all this because, even though I'm here writing a feedback that looks at a small mistake, she never gave me any trouble about things she could have complained about. For me, the mistake she made (paying me with money from items she sold but had not yet shipped) is one I often see with inexperienced and experienced buyers on DoA alike, and once it became a problem, she immediately sorted it out in the best way possible. So, in the end I feel like she's a pretty nice person to communicate with, and she made good on my sale, and when I popped over here I planned to leave positive feedback because one hiccup shouldn't get in the way of a long established record of being a good seller. But, when I saw that more than half of her thread was negative feedback, I really felt that I should leave the story in its entirety.
    13. I so am glad you feel better but this is
      Negative Feedback---Flaky Seller
      I have waited almost a month to leave my feedback to see what was going to happen and now I have reason to post feedback.

      I was involved with the others in a transaction that angelofpurity backed out on. She posted her KDF Bory boy on Nov. 1st. I contacted her and paid for him within a few hours of posting. She advised that he would be shipped at the beginning of the following week. Nov. 6th I received a pm stating that she had been to the doctor and was very sick and that shipping would be delayed until the following Monday. I let her know that I hoped she felt better and that I was willing to wait for shipping. I pm'd again on that Tuesday Nov. 10th to see if he had been shipped and received no response. I logged into paypal on Nov. 11th to make another payment and found that my money had been refunded with a note. I checked on DoA often and found her online almost everyday posting on threads but did not hear from her again. I waited to leave feddback hoping she would contact me to complete our arrangement but......
      :...( Then today I see he is listed in the marketplace again. She did not contact me again to try to complete our sale. I am very disappointed and upset and hope all buyers beware.
    14. I have posted feedback on our unfinished and upsetting transaction here.
    15. I bought angelofpurity's AIL Alice head. Great transaction. Really nice, fast communication, and packaged the head well. She also upgraded the shipping for free and provided me with a tracking number, which I really appreciate. THANKS!
    16. Though there were some commuication issues and I was part of the group that innitially got their funds refunded, my transaction with angelofpurity was ultimately positive. I purchased her Limhwa Mono. There was an issue with a missing part, which she gave me a partial refund for and she covered shipping costs. My Mono arrived safely and with a few extra goodies which was nice :)
    17. I had great transaction with angelofpurity. She bought doll from me, very nice person, quick payment and very good comunication :)) I highly recommend her as a buyer!! Thanks so much :)