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Feedback for Angharad.

Jan 26, 2008

    1. If I've done a transaction with you, please leave feedback here. :)
    2. Sold a body to Angharad, and it was a smooth and pleasant transaction! Communication was great throughout, and payment was fast! :aheartbea
      Thank-you for a great sale!
    3. I've sold a head to Angharad, perfect transaction, fast payment and good comunication ^^
      thanks so much!:)
    4. Bought a sale item from me and was fast to make payment, very polite, and let me know it had arrived. All in all, great transaction!
    5. commisioned me to give her dana a face up.

      she was a pleasure to work with and kept in good communication :)

    6. I some tiny outfits for Angharad. Smooth transaction and super fast payment. Wonderful to deal with! Thanks so much!
    7. Item(s): MSD Black Dress
      Price(s): $8
      S&H: $2.83
      Paid: 10/08/08
      Received Item(s): 10/15/08
      This little black dress is gorgeous and loli-style. I cannot wait to try it on Maeby once she arrives from Fairyland, especially with her new shoes and the white Volks apron I got from digital_grrl.
    8. Angharad was a wonderful seller! I bought a MSD Dollzone outfit and everything went very smoothly. In fact, Angharad was very patient while I convinced my Shushu that she needed the dress! Very recommended.
    9. I had a wonderful transaction buying SD clothing from Angharad! She was very quick and clear with communication, and the clothing arrived very quickly and packaged neatly and lovingly. Definitely reccommended. ^_^
    10. Angharad bought some eyes from me, great communication and paid promptly. Also very understanding about a little mishap. Thank you!
    11. I bought some Dollmore MSD size boots from Angharad! Transaction was very smooth, communication was great and the boots arrived in prestine condition! :) Thanks!!
    12. I bought some white rocking horse style shoes.Angharad let me know of the scratch on the front of one of them and, at my request, provided close-up pictures of the scratch. Great communication and shipping time. Great seller!
    13. Took part in my Dollmore GO recently. Paid straight away, kept in contact too. PERFECT!! Thanks so much for being part of my GO and I hope we can work together again xxx
    14. Just received my MSD santa hat from Angharad.
      Was a very pleasant transaction, everything went smoothly and the item arrived very quickly.:)
    15. Fast payment, friendly communication... a fantastic buyer :goldstar!!!
    16. Angharad bought a couple of shirts from our last update. Quick with payment and so nice to deal with. Awesome buyer! Thanks so much!!