Feedback for Anglerfishee

Nov 27, 2017

    1. No transaction yet. Just making this thread for the future.


      Please give me feedback. Thank you!
    2. Anglerfishee participated in a Crobidoll Group Order I hosted. We had a hiccup with the mail but they were so incredibly patient through it. Everything was paid on time, they responded well to PMs, and things went smoothly from there on out. I definitely would work with them in the future.
    3. Thank you for the wonderful transaction with my Soom Julie! Great seller :)
    4. Anglerfishee sold me a Mini Brioche with a small layway. They were wonderful to work with and shipped really fast and the package was put together really well! Thank you!
    5. Gah I can't believe I didn't notice this PM until today??? Sorry for such a late response. Thanks for the feedback. I left you feedback too!
    6. I bought a Dollshe 26F body from @Anglerfishee. Communication was fast and the body shipped out quickly after I paid. The body came carefully wrapped in its original box and looked brand new.

      I would definitely buy from her again and recommend her to anyone interested in her sale items. Amazing seller and fabulous transaction!
    7. I purchased a head from Anglerfishee. They let me do a layaway and were super courteous throughout our conversation. The head was packaged amazingly well and they shipped right after I made the last payment. Lovely seller~ <3
    8. @Anglerfishee participated in a For My Doll group order I hosted. :) All communication was concise, payments were prompt, and I was informed when the items safely arrived home.

      I would happily have Anglerfishee as a participant in future GOs! :D

      Thanks so much for joining my order!
    9. Purchased a Dearmine Dear pet body from @Anglerfishee through a 2 month lawaway. They were very nice and understanding! The body was well packed with the original box & Pillows, a copy of the COA and some extra elastic which was very thoughtful! Would happily buy from again, thank you so much!
    10. @Anglerfishee was so kind in allowing me to adopt the LUTS Zuzu Delf Bichon from her. <3 Communication was smooth with prompt responses, all my questions were answered, and she kindly allowed me to do a short layaway. My package was shipped the next day after payment and arrived to me quickly and safely. The packaging was lovely, just as I would have received from the BJD company itself! All items were secure with bubblewrap and she even include some very cute extras for my doll. I highly recommend purchasing or selling to this lovely collector.

      Thank you so much for your kindness, Gisela!