Feedback for Anglerfishee

Nov 27, 2017

    1. No transaction yet. Just making this thread for the future.


      Please give me feedback. Thank you!
    2. Anglerfishee participated in a Crobidoll Group Order I hosted. We had a hiccup with the mail but they were so incredibly patient through it. Everything was paid on time, they responded well to PMs, and things went smoothly from there on out. I definitely would work with them in the future.
    3. Thank you for the wonderful transaction with my Soom Julie! Great seller :)
    4. Anglerfishee sold me a Mini Brioche with a small layway. They were wonderful to work with and shipped really fast and the package was put together really well! Thank you!
    5. Gah I can't believe I didn't notice this PM until today??? Sorry for such a late response. Thanks for the feedback. I left you feedback too!
    6. I bought a Dollshe 26F body from @Anglerfishee. Communication was fast and the body shipped out quickly after I paid. The body came carefully wrapped in its original box and looked brand new.

      I would definitely buy from her again and recommend her to anyone interested in her sale items. Amazing seller and fabulous transaction!
    7. I purchased a head from Anglerfishee. They let me do a layaway and were super courteous throughout our conversation. The head was packaged amazingly well and they shipped right after I made the last payment. Lovely seller~ <3
    8. @Anglerfishee participated in a For My Doll group order I hosted. :) All communication was concise, payments were prompt, and I was informed when the items safely arrived home.

      I would happily have Anglerfishee as a participant in future GOs! :D

      Thanks so much for joining my order!
    9. Purchased a Dearmine Dear pet body from @Anglerfishee through a 2 month lawaway. They were very nice and understanding! The body was well packed with the original box & Pillows, a copy of the COA and some extra elastic which was very thoughtful! Would happily buy from again, thank you so much!
    10. @Anglerfishee was so kind in allowing me to adopt the LUTS Zuzu Delf Bichon from her. <3 Communication was smooth with prompt responses, all my questions were answered, and she kindly allowed me to do a short layaway. My package was shipped the next day after payment and arrived to me quickly and safely. The packaging was lovely, just as I would have received from the BJD company itself! All items were secure with bubblewrap and she even include some very cute extras for my doll. I highly recommend purchasing or selling to this lovely collector.

      Thank you so much for your kindness, Gisela!

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    11. Super late to the party, but Anglerfishee sold me her Argonautica plus size body in custom tan, and was incredible all the way. Not only did she accept a longer layaway, but she was both patient and friendly, and always kept me up to date. The body could not have been better packed, and arrived shortly after final payment. A perfect experience.
    12. Anglerfishee purchased a DDH08 head from me. They paid quickly and let me know when the head arrived. Perfect transaction, A+ buyer! <3
    13. Anglerfishee sold home her Little Monica Charlotte. She answered my many questions and was fun and interesting to talk to, and she helped me understand as much as possible what the doll was like before I purchased her with a layaway/payment plan. Charlotte arrived solidly wrapped in her box, with lots of bubble wrap and padding, and she is perfect. Thank you! :)