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Feedback for anguilla

Mar 15, 2008

    1. Well I just posted my first ever For Sale/ Feeler post, so I thought I had better have a Feedback thread.

      I have bought and sold here on DOA, and on ZOZ, as well as on eBay.

      My username is anguilla everywhere.

      If you have had transactions with me please leave me feedback. I would most appreciate it.

      Thanks so much!
    2. I Bought a BW lishe from Anguilla. She Shipped her Super Fast and she arrived in Perfect Condition. She sent additional photos which were Fantastic. The communication was Great and the transaction was Excellent. I would Definitely Buy from Anguilla again.
    3. Anguilla had bought two Souldoll Clara's from me, there was great communication and fast payment..I would definitely recommend anyone to do business with her.
    4. Anguilla had also commissioned soom outfits from me also..she is really a wonderful perso to deal with..:)
    5. Anguilla sold me her beautiful Elfdoll Soah. Communication was perfect and the doll came well packed and flawless. :) Thanks!!
    6. Anguilla is wonderful. She sold me my dream doll "Stuart Little". Just when I had given up hope of ever finding him and she didnt ask for heaps of money even though she knew how much I loved him and wanted him. She is fast at shipping and super friendly too. I would recommend buying or selling with her anytime. Thank you again Anguilla for being so wonderful. :)
    7. I sold my doll to Anguilla.
      prompt payment & great communication.
      Anguilla was kind enough to let me know when she got the doll.
      it was a great pleasure to deal with this person.
      highly recommend
      Thanks, Anguilla ~! *^_^*
    8. I bought an Elfdoll Hana Angel from Anguilla. She was wonderful throughout the whole transaction. Shipping was extremely fast and the doll was in absolute pristine condition. I wouldn't hesitate to deal with Anguilla again. I would highly recommend her to anyone.
    9. Anguilla adopt my custom little RL Melon(white skin) girl and she is always very friendly
      and great in communication and quick at payment too~!^O^
      And thanks so much for taking the time to even let me know you have received the little
      one safely~! I highly recommend her to anyone and is a great pleasure dealing with Anguilla:fangirl::aheartbea:aheartbea:aheartbea
    10. Much Love for Anguilla! A wonderful person who made everything perfect! Thank you so much for my beautiful Thalia!! I am so happy! SQUEE!!!
    11. I purchased a Latidoll LE Aida from Anguilla. Communication was great, and she worked with me on the payment so I could avoid the Paypal fees. She shipped out fast, and Aida was well packaged and arrived just as advertised.

      Thanks again!
    12. I just bought a LatiDoll plush from anguilla and it arrived safely! She was kind and polite and shipped very quickly! Thank you so much! ^^
    13. I purchased a doll from Anguilla. She was great to work with, no extra fees, very friendly and a good communicator. I would not hesitate to buy from her again. Thanks Mary! :aheartbea
    14. Just bought a doll from Anguilla and I couldn't be more satisfied! She was so friendly and shipped uber quickly. Kept in great contact and was personally one of the best transactions I've had on DoA. :D Thank you so much!!
    15. Anguilla is the first person I have bought from here on DOA and she was fantastic. The doll I bought from her arrived in excellent condition and the shipping was extremely fast. I hope that all my future buying experiences on DOA will be like it was with her. Thanks again!!! :)
    16. Mary/anguilla has to have won the place of best seller I've ever had a transaction with. I couldn't possibly say too many good things about her, because she enabled me to get one of my dream dolls that I had never expected to be able to find.

      I put out a WTB feeler for a sold out limited doll and honestly I really didn't expect anyone to respond, but I figured it didn't hurt to try. There were others looking for this same doll in the marketplace, too, but I guess she could tell I really had my heart set on this girl, because she PMed me to offer hers to me, and for an unexpectedly reasonable price.

      The communication was excellent every step of the way and the transaction progressed extremely smoothly. Mary was very friendly and helpful, giving me a choice of shipping options she could do, and was very informative and honest, providing pictures and telling me exactly what to expect when I received my new girl. The doll when she arrived was pristine, even her box was like new.

      I can't tell you how happy I am that anguilla helped me to fulfill one of my doll dreams, or how pleased I am with my newest doll! I would gladly buy from Mary again, and I will keep an eye on her listings in the future. I recommend her as a seller!
    17. I bought a doll head from anguilla , I am glad that she accept my layaway, we have smooth transaction and the head is in excellent condition, anguilla is a nice seller, thank you very much ^^
    18. I bought a Bisou Ai fairy from Anguilla, and the transaction was perfect. Communication was excellent, shipping was fast, and my little Bisou arrived safe and sound in a very well packaged box.

      She is a sweetie and I can't recommend her enough as a seller. Thank you~! :D
    19. I bought a beautiful little doll from Anguilla and can recommend her as the perfect seller.
      Helpful, reliable, superb communications. My little doll arrived well packed and in record time.
      Very highly recommended.
      thank you so much :daisy
    20. Anguilla is the first person I've bought (a doll) from here on DoA, and it was a wonderful first experience. She is a nice person and perfect seller: very friendly, attentive, helpful, understanding. She accepted a layaway and agreed to implement my special requests. Shipping was fast, my boy came well and safe packed and he is in good condition too.
      Thanks a lot for him, Mary!