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Feedback for Anikaze

Oct 30, 2009

    1. I wanted to start a feedback thread for Anikaze since I didn't see one yet. Anikaze recently purchased a DOI Kalix from me. She kept in contact and let me know as soon as he arrived safely at her home. A very positive experience.
    2. I bought a body from her and everything was wonderful!
      Thank you again and I would buy from you any time again :)
    3. I purchased a Soom Dolomi from Anikaze and she was an absolute dream to work with. The little fellow is a dream doll for me, and he was listed at a very good price. Her communication was wonderful, she shipped him quickly and very well packaged. He was in fabulous condition, no surprises. We had a case of missing magnets, (little suckers escaped the packing process!) and she very kindly put them in the mail for me.. I really appreciate all she's done, and don't hesitate to work with Ani in any sale. Thanks again, I'm really happy!

    4. I sold a Soom Euclase head to Anikaze. She paid promptly and let me know when the head arrived - a very pleasant transaction, and I would love to deal with her again. Definitely recommend!
    5. I bought a Soom Dolomi outfit from Anikaze. Everything went smoothly and the outfit arrived as described in the sales thread. I'm happy. Thank you!
    6. Anikaze bought a School A head from me and the transaction had been wonderful! A really friendly person to work with and easy to communicate! A pleasure to do business with you~ <3
    7. I bought SOOM SG Euclase head from Anikaze.
      Everything was really perfect: Fast and correct.

      Thank you very much!
    8. I bought a DOD DOI Kalix Head from Anikaze
      The communication was good and the shipping was fast ^^
      She is a very friendly person , i highly recommend her.

      Thank you ^^
    9. Anikaze participated in my Soom GO, and I have nothing but good words for them. :> They were timely with payment, patient as Soom got their butts in gear and I sorted through all the GO merch, and they let me know when their items arrived - which I deeply appreciate.

      Thank you for a wonderful transaction, and you are certainly welcome in any of my future GOs!
    10. Anikaze purchased a dolly jacket from me, and the transaction was great! Was prompt and friendly in PM's, and also let me know when the item arrived at her place. Recommended buyer! :)
    11. Anikaze participated in my Alice Collection's GO. :3 Transaction went very smoothly. Payment was fast and easy. Very good communication. :] Excellent GO participant. Would love to do business again.
    12. Anikaze was in my TaTa group order. The whole transaction was flawless and her payments were fast and easy. I highly recommend her !!