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Feedback for Animadictsaiyuki

Oct 22, 2008

    1. Animadictsaiyuki bought a msd outfit from me - we had a pretty good communication and everything went well! recommended =D
    2. Animadictsaiyuki bought a pair of MSD Dollheart Creepers and an SD Dollheart Maid Collar from me. She paid promptly and was very nice throughout her PM's. Thank you Animadictsaiyuki for a wonderful transaction. ^__^
    3. Animadictsaiyuki bought two DoD set outfits from me recently. There was a request to hold one of the items for a week, which was fine with me since she held true to her word and paid for the outfit on the day she said she would :)

      Payment was swift, communication was good; overall, the transaction was a pleasant one and I would definitely do business with Animadictsaiyuki again in the future :D
    4. Animadictsaiyuki participated in a Dollmore GO I ran a while ago. She was very nice and patient throughout the process and communication was great! It was a pleasure having her on the order. <3
    5. Fast PM replies and prompt payment. Definitely a recommended buyer! ^__^v
    6. great buyer, great communication, prompt payment, perfect transaction.
    7. Purchased a msd doll bag from me. Was a great buyer, payed promptly and was always quick to communicate. Thank you for such a great transaction~
    8. I completely recommend Animadictsaiyuki.
      Polite PMs and prompt payment.
      thank you:)
    9. Animadictsaiyuki purchased DOC outfit from me. Prompt payment and she is very friendly when communicate with her~ I couldn't be happier~! Thank you so much X) :aheartbea
    10. Animadictsaiyuki was a participant in the Dollmore Group Order I ran that ended in earlier this month (May 2009). She met all ordering and payment deadlines that I specified and was lovely to deal with! I'd transact with her again anytime. she gets my highest recommendation! Thanks again Sarai! :)

      Juli DC :D
    11. I bought a Dollcatch Ray head from Animadictsaiyuki in a split with her. It was her first split and I helped her through the process. She successfully executed the split and the whole transaction was wonderful and great. c: She kept me up to date with the progress of our orders. She was, also, patient with my payment plan with her.

      When the head arrived, she noted the rough and unfinished resin of the head. She even offered to help smoothen the parts for me and did it! o_o! She's so sweet and kind. :aheartbea

      The shipping was very fast and easy. I received the head with no problem. :3 I would highly recommend doing business again with her and for others to do business with her. <3
    12. Animadictsaiyuki participated in my Leekeworld go!
      She was terribly patient with me, because I was still new in the GO! business.
      She also helped me with a few other things ;3
      She paid quickly and was a pleasure to deal with.
      Thank you! &#9829;
    13. animadictsaiyuki participated in my recent Dollmore GO and was a pleasure to deal with! I received my payments promptly, and also got great communication! Thanks for being a part of this! :)
    14. Animadictsaiyuki participated in my fourth For My Doll group order and she was an absolute joy to work with. Quick to respond to invoices and on top of communication, this was a smooth transaction and I wouldn't hesitate to work with her again in the future.

      :clover Thank you ever so much for participating in one of my group orders! I hope that your experience was a pleasant one! :clover
    15. Animeadictsaiyuki participated in my glass eyes GO. Communication was great, and I would definitely recommend her as a great member for any GO!
    16. Great feedback for Animadictsaiyuki! :) She bought a couple of damaged/practice heads from me, paid promptly and kept kind and consistent communication.- And I'm very happy with the drawing of my OC that was part of the deal. :)
    17. Animadictsaiyuki bought a pair of Leeke MSD suede boots from me: great communication, fast payment, a perfect transaction all the way through... thank you very much! :D
    18. Animadictsaiyuki participated in my recent Iple GO. Awesome GO member...perfect to the end. Recommended!!!
    19. Animadictsaiyuki purchassed an Iplehouse JID Pink Rose Dress from me.
      Great transaction, prompt payments, and let me know when she got it, and even sent a picture of her doll wearing the dress :D That was a very cute detail, thanks :D
      Definitely recommended. Great buyer, great communication, everything went very smooth.
      Thanks again!