Feedback for Animeria

May 10, 2018

    1. If you have done business with me, please leave your feedback here.

      ~Thank you in advance~
    2. Animeria bought Minifee hands from me. She paid directly and the contact was really nice.She also let me know when the parcel arrived.

      Thank you.It was a pleasure to do buisiness with you :)
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    3. Animeria bought a pair of Fairyline Sia fullset shoes from me and the transaction was really fast and smooth. They paid right away and let me know as soon as the shoes arrived! It's been a pleasure to do business with Animeria! :)

      Thank you so much for a smooth transaction! ~
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    4. Animeria bought a skirt from me. The transaction has been a great experience, with pleasant communication and swift payment. She also let me know very fast when the parcel arrived.
      Thank you!