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Feedback for Animethemed

Mar 3, 2011

    1. If you've bought from me or sold to me leave your feedback here please!
      I'll do the same!
      Thank you
    2. I had a wonderful transaction with Animethemed! She was great with communication, and paid right away. Most importantly, she has let me know as soon as the doll's head arrived! Highly recommended buyer!
    3. I sold a modded Lishe head to Animethemed. Payment was fast and communication was great. I'd definitely sell to Animethemed again! Thank you!
    4. I purchased some eyelashes from her. Shipping was fast! Thank you!
    5. Animethemed bought my Yu Luo and was wonderful to work with. Communication was excellent and she was very friendly. Payment was prompt and she let me know when he arrived. A++ Thanks! :)
    6. I bought a Leekeworld Mabel head from Animethemed, and every aspect of the transaction was just perfect. Thanks so much~!
    7. Animethemed bought some MSD clothes from me. She is a very friendly person and she paid promptly. She maintained excellent communications throughout the transaction!!! She also let me know when the items arrived!!! A wonderful buyer, highly recommended :D
    8. Animethemed bought some laptops from me. She was nice and great with communication. Payment was prompt and she let me know when they arrived! Great buyer, recommended!
    9. Animethemed participated in my 2079 Realms Mature Mini Shoe GO. She was very pleasant with communication and paid her invoices promptly. She was very easy to work with, and I wouldn't hesitate to have another transaction with her! Thank you so much for participating! :D
    10. Animethemed commissioned me for 3 heads. She was such a sweetheart, excellent communication and paid instantly. <3
    11. I sold a wig to Animethemed. It was a very pleasant transaction; prompt and friendly PM responses and prompt payment.
      I would love to do business with Animethemed again :)
    12. Animethemed bought clothes from me. It was a perfect transaction. She is sweet, friendly and excellent communication. Quick payment and quick pm responses. I would love to deal with her again. Highly recommended! Thank you !
    13. I purchased a Fairyland Pupu from animethemed, the transaction was 100% awesome! Love my new little mini baby!!!! Highly recommend her as a seller!!!! :)
    14. Animethemed purchased a monique wig from me. Payment was prompt and communication was always friendly.
      Thank you for a smooth and pleasant transaction.
    15. I purchased a MSD body from Animethemed. Perfect transaction! She worked with me with the best shipping method and sent it out lightning fast. The doll was packed incredibly well & received exactly as described. And really friendly to boot. Thank you so much!
    16. I painted a face up for Animethemed ^ ^ She is very pleasant person to work with~ Send's her payments quickly and communication was kept very well!! Thank you for such positive and very smooth transaction<3 I recommend Animethemed to anyone : )
    17. Animethemed have joined in with my Luts split, and she was always friendly and fast in paying invoices in. She was perfect in communication and it was joyful to have a split with her every moment.
      I would definately love to make a transaction with her again! Thank you very much!
    18. Animethemed worked with me on two Iplehouse group orders. When Iplehouse sold out of her wig on the first order, she waited patiently for me to open a second one and opted for a different wig. Luckily, the first wig came back into stock right before I placed the order, making everyone happy. She was very sweet and patient with a frustrating situation, and extremely grateful when things worked out perfectly. She was prompt with her payment every time, and a pleasure to work with. I would be happy to have her join any of my orders!
    19. Animethemed participated in my Lichtbjd GO! All communication was fast! Payment was prompt! She was very nice to work with which I am grateful for since it was my first GO.
    20. I bought a dollfie dream body from animethemed! Communication was constant and she was understanding when I made a mistake in sending payment. Would definitely buy from again.