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Feedback for AnitaS

Feb 5, 2010

    1. I've had a few transactions so thought I should start this thread. Thanks in advance to all who contribute!
    2. Anita purchased a doll from me recently. Great communication, fast payment - such an easy transaction. Highly reccomend her to anyone.
    3. Anita is incredible to work with!!! I purchased a limited edition cutie from her and she arrived in perfect, minty condition!! Anita has excellent communication and is very organized. This was an absolute perfect transaction!! Than you, Anita, AnnMarie
    4. Sold Anita a head. It was a great transaction. Great communication. I would do business with her again.
    5. Anita bought a doll from me last week and I highly recommend her as a buyer. She paid instantly, had wonderful communication, and let me know when the doll got home to her safely. Thanks again!!
    6. AnitaS participated in one of my GO's, for Dollmore. She paid both invoices promptly, and was understanding about wait times due to my job. Definitely a great GO member! ^_^
      Thanks, AnitaS!
    7. Anita participated in my Dollmore GO! She was an absolute pleasure to work with; friendly, fast, fantastic all around!

      Would love to do business with her again.

      Thanks! <3
    8. AnitaS was one of the members in my recent Soom Parts GO, and everything went flawlessly. She paid all invoices lightning fast, and had excellent communication throughout the entire transaction...HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!
    9. AnitaS recently bought a Fairyland Karsh head from me. She paid promptly and maintained excellent communication, and was very patient since we had a bit of a shipping fiasco lol :) I would definitely do business with her again sometime in the future!

      Thanks again for a great transaction!
    10. AnitaS bought a Soom Nephelin from me.
      She was quick to pay, nice communicator and I very much enjoyed dealing with her. She let me know when the doll arrived - I appreciated very much! :)
    11. I sold a split Dollheart Maroon set to AnitaS and she was a real pleasure to deal with. Payment was very prompt and communication was very easy and she also let me know when she received the set. Wonderful buyer!

      Thanks and enjoy! :daisy
    12. AnitaS bought a head from me. She was wonderful to deal with! She was easy to contact, kept good communication and was super fast in payment. In the end the transaction went very smoothly, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her! Thank you again!
    13. AnitaS purchased a kid delf body from me. She was wonderful from start to finish, making this transaction flawless in my opinion! :thumbup Thanks so much!
    14. I sold a Soom doll to AnitaS and it was a pleasant transaction. She paid quickly and always had great communication. I would do business with her again. ;)
      Thank you so much. :D
    15. i sold a DM Nayuta doll to AnitaS, she was a dream buyer. she asked specific questions, and we got the transaction sorted out. she was prompt in both communication and payment. an all around sweet and pleasant buyer. highly recommended.
    16. AnitaS bought a doll from me recently. She was super nice throughout the transaction and very understanding of the delays and issues on my part! Overall a wonderful buyer! Thank you!
    17. Great transaction with AnitaS! She bought my DT Soph B head, paid quickly, friendly messages and was just wonderful to deal with. I can recommend her and I would deal with her again.:)
    18. Bought a Ipsea Head from me. Fast payment, good communication. I highly recommend her.
    19. AnitaS bought a head from me, and it was a great transaction! Fast payment and good communication :) I would do business with her again.
    20. AnitaS participated in a Soom GO I ran, and she was a gem to deal with. Absolutely lovely, and no problems of any kind. I'd be happy to deal with her again anytime. :)