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Feedback for Annafu

Mar 19, 2009

    1. I haven't really bought or sold much, but I plan to in the future. So, making a feedback thread now so I won't forget. ;)
    2. Annafu purchased a pair of shoes from me. Her PMs were friendly and payment came on schedule. It was an all around great transaction. Thanks so much.
    3. Annafu purchased a Victor head from me. It was a painless transaction. Always welcome with me! ^_^
    4. Bought TF Olive from me! I'm so glad olive went to a good home! Very easy transation and over all awesome buyer!!!
    5. Annafu purchased a puki face plate from me-she's a great buyer! Payment was fast, communication was superb. Thank you!
    6. It's been a little while, but since no one else did this, I thought I would.

      Paging thread. However, it was resolved without much trouble and I can say that the work on my doll is very nice, just incomplete. I do not NOT recommend Annafu, her freckles are fantastic and I am really happy with my boy's face-up.