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Feedback for Anneke

Mar 4, 2010

    1. If you've had a transaction with me please leave feedback here :)

      Thank you!
    2. Anneke bought some custom eyes from me, it was a perfect transaction! Payment was fast, she was friendly, thank you so much :)
    3. Anneke bought a doll from me. Super fast payment and wonderful communication and so sweet. The perfect transaction. An asset to the DoA community! Thank you, Anneke!
    4. I've sold a Heliot head with custom make-up to Anneke.
      The whole transaction was a real pleasure : easy and nice communication, fast payment. :D
      I've been informed as soon as she got the package. And more than that, I'm just happy she loved the head, and has her long desired bjd now home with her !

      Many thanks for this nice transaction ! :)
    5. I sold Anneke a small Bible for her dollfie. Very friendly and fast with all her pms, she sent her payment quickly. Would happily sell to her again. Thanks for a great transaction! :thumbup
    6. Anneke bought my soom sg body off the mp, and our transaction went perfectly. Thank you!
    7. Anneke bought some glass eyes from me, and the transaction was fantastic. Our communication was smooth and flawless, her payment arrived super fast, she also let me know when the eyes arrived. Thank you again for your business!
    8. Anneke bought a cuprit costume from me and was a fantastic buyer - very patient, even when the package took longer than we expected to arrive, paid promptly and was wonderful to communicate with - Thanks anneke! :aheartbea
    9. Anneke bought two outfits to me. She has been sweet, sent the payment quickly and a message with pictures when she get the outfits. That was perfect, thank you very much !! ^^
    10. Anneke is a great person and so much fun to work with! I sold her my Resinsould Mei and everything was really quick and easy and pleasant!! <3
    11. Anneke is bought a Soom Doll and Mr Super Clear from me. Payment was in quickly and communication was pleasant and timely. She is very nice and friendly and sweet! Just one of the best buyers out there! Thank you so much for two great transactions!! <3 <3
    12. Anneke participated in my Soom GO and she was an ideal GO participant and a very kind person.
      This was my first time dealing with Anneke and she was kind, communicative and very pleasant to work with.
      She also paid each invoices on time and let me know when the package arrived to her.
      I am very happy with my transaction with Anneke that I would recommend her to others and welcome her with open arms if she decides to join my future GOs again.
      Thank you so much!! :)
    13. Anneke commissioned a fantasy rob garment from me and she was amazing to work with! Working out the logistics of the garment took longer than planned and she was patient, kind and never failed to be supportive. Really, she's the best customer I've ever had.

      She paid promptly and communicated smoothly (better than me!) and I would welcome her back to work with me a hundred time!!! Really folks, I can't gush about this gal enough! She's a true, TRUE asset to Den of Angels!
    14. I had a great transaction with Anneke! She was prompt with payment and communication was great too ^^ Thank you !
    15. Anneke bought some MSD undies from me, and the whole transaction went very smoothly. She is also very sweet to deal with. I would definitely do business with her again. Thanks so much! :D
    16. Sold some pants to Anneke, everything went great! :thumbup Paid promptly and had quick and friendly communication throughout the transaction. Thanks again!
    17. Anneke bought some pastels from me and it was a very pleasant transaction, a great buyer!
    18. Anneke purchased some dollmore stands from me; everything went swimmingly :)
    19. Anneke commissioned a portrait of her lovely girl, Deathbunnie and I couldn't have been more happy with the transaction. She paid quickly and was GREAT with giving me all the details I needed to complete the art. She let me know as soon as she recieved the print as well!
      I hope to have more business with Anneke in the future. A+++++ Buyer/commissioner!
    20. I purchased a doll from Anneke. She was friendly and clear in her communication. I really appreciate the steps she went through during the transaction: finding out the shipping costs, letting me know of any changes, acceding to any requests or questions I may have, and even sending me a picture of the state of the doll and the box as she was packaging them. Really topnotch and full of care during the whole deal. Thank you so much for a wonderful and smooth transaction! Highly recommended ^__^