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Feedback for AnnTagonist

Jun 3, 2007

    1. Any feedback for dreadwigs, clothes or group order dealings welcome :)

      thank you!:aheartbea
    2. Anntagonist is a wonderful person, and fantastic to work with! She turned one of my spare wigs into really funky dreads, which I love! I've also been part of several group orders with her, and she's always paid quickly/ shipped quickly when she was running it :)

      She's showed me some of her sewing as well, and I can honestly say its nothing short of amazing :aheartbea
    3. Anntagonist really is a fantastic person to deal with n_n. I've taken part in group orders on more than one occasion and everything went fine. I "commissioned" a dreadlock wig from her and it is excactly what I was looking for. I also recieved a stunning dress from her and it is of exquisite design and quality. One of the best on DoA n_n! <3
    4. Ann is wonderful xD I've been in group orders with her too, and everything has gone smoothly. I commissioned her to do a steampunk suit for a Dollshe Saint, and she was fantastic about it - the suit is everything I wanted, right down to the 'clock' buttons! Her sewing skills are awesome - she is very talented, and is very attentive to detail :aheartbea Anntagonist is fabulous, will definitely commission from her again!
    5. I commissioned an SD dread wig from Ann, and she was just a joy to work with! She worked quickly, PMed me regularly to check that I was happy with progress, and shipped the wig off super quick once she was done. I'd be more than happy to commission her again!
    6. Anniepants is brill :D
      She dreaded up a spare wig for my tiny and stitched the headcap to make it fit better. :3 She worked extremely fast, did a brilliant job and I can't speak highly enough of her :) Would definitely do business with her again!! :aheartbea
    7. Ann is so very wonderful. I commissioned a dread wig from her and I absolutely love it. Her communication was great too and she is very polite and wonderful. I would definitely commission her again <3.
    8. Ann had a wig for sale which I really liked, she customized it a little bit extra for me so I ADORED it and I bought it.
      Great communication, Ann was really sweet for me and she was extremely quick also!
      I'd love to work with her again!!
    9. I commissioned a wig from Ann, and she was absolutely wonderful. She kept me intune to what was going on and made waiting for her to be finished a great experience.
      This is my first time working with someone so I'm pretty glad it was her.
    10. I commissioned a dread wig from Ann, she was an absolute pleasure to work with and chat with :) She does incredible work and the wig was just what I was hoping for! She even included a hair band that I'd inquired how to make (not knowing she was gonna send me one! THANK YOU!! :D) And thank you for the chocolates as well sweetie! Definitely very highly reccommended! ;)
    11. I commisioned a dread wig from Ann, and she gave it to me yesterday at a meet. It is exactly what I had pictured in my head, and I could not be happier with it:) I can highly recommend her work, plus she is a lovely person to deal with.
    12. Ann is a beautiful seller. She made a great and gorgeous dreadlock wig for my dollies.
      I'm sooo happy!
      Everything was fine!
    13. I also commissioned Ann to make me a dreadwig, She's a wonderful seller, communication was fantastic through out and the wig is simply fantastic!

      She's also taken part in one of my group orders and is an equally brilliant buyer.
      Highly recommended in both regards <3
    14. I just recieved the dreadwig I commissioned Ann to make and am thoroughly pleased with it! it's gorgeous and my boy loves it so much! Ann was very understanding when I had to delay payment and I would strongly recommend her, she's a delight to deal with, is polite and friendly and keeps good contact.

      Thanks alot Ann <33
    15. I purchased a wig from Ann, and there was great communication, the wig is fantastic and makes me excited to purchase the doll it's meant for. Here it is being modeled on my vampire Lu-Wen, Styx. Thanks for the wig, it's exactly what I asked for!!! <3

    16. I commissioned a dread wig from Ann. She is wonderful!
      She is one of the best! What more can I say?!
    17. Ann bought dollheart goods through me, and was wonderful every step of the way ^_~ She paid promptly and it was a very easy transaction!
      Thankyou! :D

      Rachie XX
    18. Anne made a dread wig for Gene. He loves it she was wonderful from start to finish!
    19. I commissioned AnnTagonist to dread a wig of mine, and it's perfect. :] thank you!
    20. Another happy dread wig client! Ann was marvelous to work with, helped with planning and everything. My man Voltaire will definitly be getting more wigs from Ann. Maybe something in color next time?