Feedback for Ansell

May 19, 2017

    1. Thank you for leaving feedback for me, be it for buying from or selling to!
    2. I sold a full SD Migi Doll Ryu Hybrid to Ansell. We worked out a payment plan and she was very awesome with communication and paying on time with discussed dates!

      I would highly recommend buying/selling with her.

      Thanks so much!
    3. I sold Ansel some SD clothes. She paid promptly and had great communication. A real pleasure to work with!
    4. I sold Ansel Iplehause doll on layaway and she was super nice, friendly and reliable buyer. Always kept me up to date, and was always on time with payments and letting me know when packedge arrived. This was trully a perfect transaction.
    5. I am a bit late on leaving this feedback so please forgive the tardiness of this reply!

      Ansell bought a Pukifee faceplate from me, communication was excellent and she was incredibly patient with me when I had some medical limitations that significantly slowed me down. Thank you so much for your patience!