Feedback for AntarelNefertili

Jul 18, 2016

    1. For people I've transacted with, please post feedbacks here! :) Thank you in advance!
    2. I sold two wigs to AntarelNefertili. Communication was great and payment was prompt. Highly recommended and will definitely transact with again!
    3. AntarelNefertili bought from me wings Arkoz from SOOM. The transaction went smoothly and without problems: lovely communication, super fast payment! AntarelNefertili lets me know when the wings arrived safely! :)

      Thank you for a lovely transaction! It's been a real pleasure to deal with you and I definitely would deal again in the future! :3nodding:
    4. A big thank you to AntarelNefertili, who was a really great - and patient! - buyer. I sold her my Fantasia Doll Vivian head on layaway, and she paid it off really quickly. Communications were always great.

      I shipped the doll's head using Royal Mail tracked and signed, and it disappeared from view altogether for about three weeks! It did get there in the end and we all breathed a sigh of relief. AntarelNerfertili was very good about it, as for some time it looked as though the head was never going to arrive.

      I'm happy to recommend AntarelNefertili and hope to do business again. :D
    5. AntarelNefertili purchased an Iplehouse Scarlet from me. She was polite with regard to communication, agreeable to all my terms, and quick to pay off the item. I would be happy to transact with her again.