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feedback for AntennaGirl

May 30, 2008

    1. You know the drill, tell me what your experience was when I bought something from you. And maybe in the future, when I sold something to you! :)
    2. had a lovely transaction with AntennaGirl!~<3
      she paid me promptly and the communication with this user
      was in an excellent level and really pleasant!

      thank you so much,
    3. AntennaGirl participated in my dollmore group order. ^^ Payments and communication were fast- As the host for the group order I couldn't ask for more! ^^ A pleasure to deal with~ Thank you!
    4. AntennaGirl was a great buyer to deal with. Very friendly, quick payment, the works. ;) Thanks so much!
    5. AntennaGirl bought the sleeping Ryeon head i had, transaction was nigh on perfect and I would be happy to have future dealing with her ^.^
    6. ah ><lll sorry for the latefeedback.

      AntennaGirl was one of my most agreeable and nice buyers XD transaction was fast and smooth even though we are from different countries 8D very fast and quick payment+transaction and totally patient while waiting for the slow post 8D