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Feedback For Antique Lace

Apr 14, 2012

    1. Just starting my thread!
    2. AntiqueLace bought a doll body from me on layaway. Wonderful buyer and would be happy to have another transaction with in the future!
    3. I commissioned AntiqueLace for some custom pieces and everything went great. I just got my order today and her clothing is so lovely.

      Thank you,
    4. I bought 2 pairs of shorts and a mini skirt for the EID ladies from AntiqueLace and she shipped out quickly, and the quality of the pieces is great! I would definitely recommend her clothing!
    5. Just wanted to put my input:

      I was contacted by AntiqueLace to create an outfit for my pukipuki on 8-14 for my WTC thread:

      We never agreed to a time frame, so I was pretty open to the length it would take. We agreed on the 50-50 payment.

      I had requested for pictures a couple of times, with no pictures sent during the process of Aug-Sept time frame~ But she did reply within a 1-3 day frame, and answered my questions.

      She sent me progress pictures on 10-1 with 90% of outfit completed. I was sent pictures of the final outfit on 10-17 and it was perfect! She shipped on the 25th and the outfit arrived to me on the 29th~

      So the start of the transaction was 8-14 to 10-29 for my pukipuki outfit~
      The outfit is very well made and worth the wait!

      Also, she may have a hard time getting work done as she wrote to me in reply to me asking if my outfit was on its way on the 25th:

      Her work is excellent, she communicated within a reasonable time frame, she is very nice, it took a bit longer than anticipated - but it IS worth it and I'm very pleased with the quality. Hope this helps in terms of time frame and quality.

      I LOVE the outfit and its perfect for my pukipuki~!
    6. Antique Lace is very trustworthy and very kind. She always replied to my messages and answered all of my questions and we could resolve every kind of complication very easy. I would recommend her.
    7. I ordered a set of MNF t-shirts in August 2012 from AntiqueLace, they arrived March 5, 2013 after a number of complications. The shirts are of good quality and I'm happy with them, but I would have preferred more open and frequent communication from AntiqueLace regarding the difficulties she was encountering finishing the shirts. As it was, I had to initiate all conversations, but she did reply promptly to all of my messages. Overall the transaction went fairly well despite any time issues and she was happy to work with me to come to a positive resolution.
    8. I commissioned two Dollfie Dream sized outfits from AntiqueLace in early October 2012, and due to many complications/unknown delays it took till today (3/16/2013) for my outfits to arrive. Overall, I'm happy with this transaction, but I was displeased with being promised that my outfits were done, and she'd take pictures again and again and yet that seemed to never happen till late Feb. I may be patient, but it wore on me to have to deal with that time after time. I did join a paging thread due to this very reason.
      I would like to mention she did have good communication throughout the transaction, and was nice during the entire process.
      I did have to ask for her to remake one outfit due to it not matching what I was looking for and she happily complied. I appreciate that greatly. The outfits came out great, and they look awesome on my girl! The quality matches the amount I paid, and that's quite important seeing the price.

      If in the future she can either reduce her wait times or not take any sort of down-payment I would actually happily commission her again. I really like her work and the quality is very good. Thank you for the wonderful outfits.
    9. AntiqueLace is an excellent seller. I bought a doll from her recently. It was fairly priced, she answered any of my questions in a timely manner and willing to take pictures on request. There was a brief period of no communication, but she answered my PM when I asked about the shipment status and everything went smoothly after that. He came to my house in a matter of three days :). I would recommend her!
    10. I sent a Paypal Payment for a pair of light blue EID Womans pants on Feb 4 , 2015, I have sent an email on the 16th of Feb to inform her that I haven't recieved the pants yet and when I sent the payment that was the last day I spoke to her! I am very disappointed in this transaction as of today , no reply what so ever! I see the jeans are still listed on her post as for sale also! I feel like I am being cheated in this transaction.