Feedback for anubisnut

Apr 5, 2008

    1. Buying and selling feedback wanted. Please post here :)
    2. Sold a pair of boots to anubisnut paid very fast and let me know when they arrived. Very good at commuication as well.
    3. Anubisnut participated in a SoulDoll GO I recently ran.
      Communication was great and payment was very fast.
      Enjoy your stuff!
    4. Sold a S&K collection outfit to her.

      Very nice buyer,fast payment!

      Will to trade with her again!^^
    5. I bought a pair of gold eyes from anubisnut; they arrived very fast and were packaged very well. [Not to mention the eyes are gorgeous~] :D
    6. I participated in a Leekeworld GO ran by her. She was wonderful at keeping us updated and shipped the items out quickly. Thanks again anubisnut!
    7. i was in Leekeworld GO hosted by anubisnut, she was excellent keeping up to date

      thank you very much! :aheartbea
    8. I was in anubisnut's Leekeworld GO, and she was an excellent host! We were kept up to date at all times and the shipping was super prompt. Thanks so much!! A+++
    9. I was in anubisnut's Leekeworld Group Order, she kept in amazing contact and kept us up to date with every little detail. shipping was super fast! Would totally do a GO with her again!!
    10. I participated in a Leeke GO hosted by anubisnut. She made sure we were all up-to-date and I got my items quickly. Would definitely deal with her again. :)
    11. I was in a GO run by anubisnut. Leeke gave us some problems but she dolt with them very well. Fabulous GO leader :D
    12. I was in the Leekeworld GO too! I think this was her first GO and she did a really good job. I wouldn't hesitate to participate in another one she organizes ^^
    13. Anubisnut participated in a May 2008 Iplehouse group order I ran. She was an absolute dream, had great communication, paid promptly and was a overall pleasure to have on the order. ^^
    14. Anubisnut bought the pair of RuddyPeach Glass Eyes from me.
      Nice buyer and fast payment. Highly recommend.^O^/

      I hope I will trade with you again~Thanks~m(_ _)m
    15. wonderful buyer - got 2 outfits from me :)
    16. I brought some eyes from anubisnut and the transaction was super fast and shipping was fast too. anubisnut is an A++++ seller
    17. Anubisnut commissioned me for her school-C faceup! :D
      She's very easy going and very prepared for the commission [she even wrote down a color scheme XD!] very easy to work with and she's very patient! Unfortunately there was an unexpected accident during shipping and she had to sent the package back to me for fixing the faceup ;_; [she was now fixed and still pretty XD]
      Anubisnut had very prompt payment and we had such a pleasant transaction as well!!
      Thank you very much Tina! feel free to come back anytime!

    18. Anubistnut participated in my Leeke Group order and she was prompt with payment and very to deal with ! She even let me know when item arrived ! Thank you for the smooth transaction !

      I would be glad to do business with her again ! :daisy
    19. Anubisnut participated in my September Luts Group order. Paid Quickly, responded quickly. all-in-all great transaction. Would do business with again :]
    20. I purchased a Leekeworld Cliffe from Anubisnut. She was good with communication and shipped him promptly and safely. I would buy from her again in the future.