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Feedback for Anya'smom

Jun 16, 2006

    1. I've sold, bought and traded with a lot of people here on doa, so I thought I'd start a feedback thread. ;) Thanks in advance, guys! <3
    2. Anya's mom is a good buyer,
      I'm so glad your girl like the dress^_^
      Thank you very much
    3. I just completed a trade with Anya's Mom - I can highly recommend her as a great person to deal with, she really went above and beyond! Our deal was super smooth and very enjoyable. Thanks very much!!!

      Kathi (knovak on the board)
    4. A lovely seller.. I have purchased from her before. nothing but good things to say
    5. Thanks guys! :daisy

      Bump! I know there's many more on doa I have traded with...
    6. Bump! I know you're out theeeeere! :sneaky
    7. Wonderful seller! Good communication and fast shipping :)
    8. Sold an outfit on layaway to Anya'sMom and also a pair of shoes. She's a wonderful buyer, always kept good contact and made payments on time. :daisy
    9. Hi! Anya's Mom is a great buyer! Super nice to deal with!!

    10. GReat person to deal with all around I traded an Elfdoll Wu for a Souldoll Clara and she was very fast with shipping her out and wrapping her up ^_^ thanks for the beautiful doll!
    11. Thanks guys! Bump!! :daisy
    12. I traded my Soony for her Isao, everything went perfectly! She even sent an extra wig!
      Trust worthy and always polite, I highly recomend her.

    13. Got some shoes off me. Very polite, payed when she said she would, good communication. All in all very good buyer and I would recommend her to anyone ^_^
    14. Anya'sMom is a really great buyer! So sweet, kind and easy to deal with! :D Totally trustworthy and recomended to everyone! ^^
    15. I traded a Limited Petit Ai and a little money to Anya'smom for an Elfdoll Wu. She was fabulous in every way. Communication was clear and timely, her kindness was overwhelming and she packed and posted faster than a bunny on ice. I will be forever in her debt and I'll tell you straight: You couldn't find anybody better to do business with in the world. She started out a stranger but I consider her a friend now.
    16. Anya'sMom purchased a DES head from me, and she paid immediately. Doing business with her was smooth and fabulous!
    17. Bought a Shirt from Anya'sMom got here super fast, Anya'sMom is super nice and great to buy from, Highly recommended :) Thank you~
    18. I have bought a head from Anya'sMom and it was beautifulst!:) She is a wonderful seller! Good communication becouse she is very nice!:D
    19. Anya'smom is a lovely seller. Thanks to her I have adopted one of my dream doll :)
    20. Anya'smom is a great seller. Wonderful communication and very very nice person.