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Feedback for Anzu

Dec 18, 2010

    1. Feedback for Anzu

      Please leave me feedback if you have a transaction with me :)
      thank you so much ;)
    2. I bought a LTF Chiwoo fp from Anzu.
      lovely communication and fast shipping ^^ thank you so much for a great transaction!
    3. i bought lati yellow unicorn miel from Anzu. the shipping was super fast, dolly was packaged very well, communication was friendly and miel is exactly as described....perfect!

      i would definitely recommend Anzu! thanks for a great transaction :thumbup
    4. Anzu bought a Yosd from me, she is a great buyer, great communications and very friendly.
      Thank you for the pleasant transaction. :)
    5. Anzu and I did a dolly trade! My YoSD Lin for her LaTi Green Teru. GREAT communication, FRIENDLY person, SAFE packaging, and Teru arrived in PERFECT condition with lots of extra goodies! :celebrate :dance :cheer I wouldn't hesitate to do business with her again! :fangirl:

      Thanks SO much, D! :kitty2

    6. I bought a yo-sd Papi from Anzu, great transaction, sweet person and pacient with layaway plan, super fast shipping.A pleasure to do business!!I hope repeat it!!
    7. I have just adopted a cute little baby from Anzu and she arrived with super sonic speed as prommised and I am very happy with the whole transaction from beginnig to end and would recommend Anzu to everyone 110% she is lovely to deal with and very patient, perfect!!!

      Thankyou very much ((><))
    8. Had a great transaction with Anzu! Adopted little halloween kuroo and it was a flawless transaction! Highly recommend! Thank you so so much!!!!!!!!
    9. Another great transaction with Anzu: I bought her Lati Lea tan.
      flawless as always :3

      thank you sooo much!!!!
    10. I bought a little Lati Yellow tan to Anzu fiew weeks ago and it's perfect.

      Very good communication, the doll was ship immediatly after my payment in safe condition.

      Thank you so much !!!
    11. Anzu used my shoping service for Zuzu delf Lio on Yj ! Very prompt payment ! very niiiiiiiiiiiiice and friendly personn ! It was a great pleasure for me ! A++++ Highly recommend! Thank you veryyyyyyyyyy much !!!!!!!! :aheartbea
    12. Anzu used my shoping service for another Zuzu delf Papi on Yj ! Very fast payment ! very good comunication and a pleasure to do business with her ! ! It was a great pleasure for me again^^ ! A++++ Highly recommended! Thank you veryyyyyyyyyy much !!!!!!!! :fangirl:
    13. Anzu bought some outfits from me and it was a pleasant transaction. Great communication and an overall pleasure! Thank you!!
    14. I bought a Zuzu Delf Woong from Anzu on a small layaway and everything went smoothly! Communication was great and he even arrived a week sooner than anticipated! &#9829;