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Feedback for aod

Oct 25, 2010

    1. I ordered a Lan in tan skin, she was my first proper bjd, from Angel of Dreams, took about 6 weeks to arrive, and although she is lovely. I didn`t think she looked much like the stock photo, and she had a `chip` out of the back of her head, which I felt disappointed with, I contacted AOD, by e-mail first and after no reply I posted on their messageboard, To which they replied and offered to send me a new head,(free of charge), I haven`t recieved it yet, but I will update feedback once I recieve the head, overall a little slow in replying to e-mails, but maybe I am a little impatient!! and once they do reply they are very helpful, having said all that, I would order again from them,once Lan`s new head arrives! Thank -you x
    2. I was actually a bit concerned about the Lan head. Actually thinking about getting one, but I have seen what looks like 2 different sculpts when searching for pictures. The pictures look to have 2 different eye shapes. Is this the case with yours, or was it just a faceup difference that's got them looking different (For all I know, maybe that's all the difference I see really is, just looks like more than that to me)

      Glad to hear they're helpful once they do reply. How did this all work out, btw?
      You never came back to tell us if you got the new head, etc...