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Feedback for AppleAvenue

Aug 8, 2011

    1. Couldn't find an existing feedback thread, so I figured I'd start one! I just bought a beautiful coat from AppleAvenue and it was an effortless transaction--good communication, prompt shipment, would gladly recommend AppleAvenue as a seller! Thanks so much!
    2. Bought a coat and a jacket from AppleAvenue's final sale. Communication was swift and to the point, items shipped quickly, and arrived within a reasonable amount of time, well packaged. Thank you, sorry to see you go...
    3. I bought a coat and a skirt in AppleAvenue's closing sale, and it was a terrific transaction--friendly and prompt communication, fast shipping, and (of course) beautiful, original wardrobe pieces for my girls. Twigling said it--I hate to see Apple go!
    4. I bought a coat from AppleAvenue's final sale, and... what could I say that hasn't already been said? Communication was friendly, shipping was quick, and as expected, the coat is awesome! One more flawless transaction. Apple Avenue Boutique will be sorely missed! :aheartbea
    5. I've bought quite a few pieces from AppleAvenue over a few years time and I have never been disappointed. I recently bought a SD13 girl half coat and as usual it was very unique, well made and just perfect for the doll I had in mind. Apple was very fast and friendly in her communication and my item was shipped out quickly. The entire transaction from start to finish was perfect. I would gladly recommend and would love to buy more clothing in the future. Thanks so much! :thumbup
    6. I bought a pair of beautifully constructed suede vests from AppleAvenue's final sale. Such a friendly, talented person! It will be sad to see her stop creating her wonderful garments! (I also own a gorgeous SD+ size long suede/furred coat that I treasure!)
    7. I'm so sad to see Apple Avenue leaving. :/ I absolutely adore your things! I have a jacket that I've treasured for ages and now a dress to join that collection. Here's hoping I can hunt down more in the future.

      Fantastic transaction, quick shipping, friendly and great communication.

      Thank you so much for all your hard work! I'll miss seeing your amazing creations!
    8. I just bought a lovely dress made by AppleAvenue. I just love it. It arrived very quickly. Price was good. Quality was good. Communication was good. I've purchased from her before and would do it again without hesitation. :)
    9. Purchased an SD-sized leather jacket, which is excellent quality and absolutely gorgeous! My girl loves it, and the shipping was very prompt! Thanks again!
    10. I purchased a gorgeous shearling-style coat from AA that I'd been hoping to get my hands on for years. I paid right away and it was shipped immediately. I can't praise the quality enough, it's absolute *beautiful.* Thank you so much!
    11. I bought a beautiful coat from AppleAvenue. She disappeared briefly for the holidays, but returned in time for me to greedily fork over the money for the coat. The coats are so beautiful and I've coveted them for years! Now I want one in pitch-black for myself. Hahahaha.
    12. I'm glad the link got fixed so I could find the right place to leave feedback! I've made 2 purchases from Apple this winter & both times communication was great, shipping was quick & the quality of the items was amazing! I've admired Apple's work "from afar" for ages & love finally having a few pieces for my dolls, but I'm sorry it means she's closing the store.
    13. I've bought a lot of Apple's creations at conventions in the past, and just recently bought an extravagant pile of clothing from her closing sale. I'm sad to see her close up shop, but I'm glad it's for creative reasons! I will treasure your unique pieces. There's nothing out there that's anything like them! :aheartbea
    14. I love your things, and am sorry you won't be making extravagnt items like these any more. This time I bought a long fur coat, leather coat and the last of the MSD vest-coats. (And I own a huge-trained coat from when you used to sell on ebay). Such a nice person to deal with too!
    15. I bought my first Apple Avenue coat and I love it, very well made of soft leather...perfect for my wood elf..great communication, shipping was fast..would not hesitate to do business with again!
    16. I bought a yo sd dress from Apple Avenue and it's even prettier in person. Wonderful work and shipping was quick! Would definitely buy from again.
    17. I purchased several items of Apple's clothing. They're all as lovely as I've come to expect, delivered in a timely fashion. I'm sad these are from the "Last of Apple Avenue," because I've been a fan for some while. If you get a chance to purchase from Apple, do!

      Thanks! :aheartbea
    18. I bought several items of AppleAvenue clothing. Shipping was prompt and well-packaged, communication went very smoothly and pleasantly, and the quality of the clothing is great. Thanks so much!
    19. I purchased one of AppleAvenue's lovely coats. AppleAvenue responded to my PMs quickly and politely and mailed my item the day after I paid. The craftsmanship of the coat is fantastic. Thank you again!