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Feedback for aquaray8

Apr 30, 2012

    1. Please leave feedback bad or good hopefully good!
    2. I sold a Luts Bory to aquaray8. What a fantastic transaction all around! Very quick communication, and the layaway was paid promptly and on time. Thank you for the wonderful transaction, I definitely hope to do business with you again in the future. :)
    3. aquaray8 purchased some MSD clothes from me. The payment came in super fast, communication was excellent, and the transaction was perfect! A very reliable and friendly buyer, highly recommended!!!
    4. Aquaray8 bought some clothing from me and was a great buyer. Her communication was great and she was a prompt payer. A++ buyer ^__^
    5. Aquaray8 bought a doll from me. She was an excellent buyer, quick to communicate, and promptly paid. Would deal with her again for sure!
    6. I painted a face up for aquaray8 ^ ^ She is very kind, and keeps up with communication very well; She also sends payments when she says she plans to~ Thank you for choosing to commission me, and I hope we are able to work together again in the future~ aquaray8 is highly recommended! ^u^ !!
    7. aquaray8 purchased some more MSD clothes from me. Frequent and friendly communication as always, prompt payment, she even let me know when the clothes arrived!!! It's always a pleasure doing business with her! Thanks for another excellent transaction! I highly recommend her as a buyer!!!
    8. I sell clothes set to aquaray8. She is quick to pay, kind, quick replying also.
      Thank you!!^^
    9. Sold doll eye glasses for aquaray8
      Smooth transaction with fast pm and payment
      Couldn't be happier:-)

      Thank you very much again!!!
    10. aquaray8 purchased some more MSD clothes from me. Everything went smoothly as usual, she is always super friendly and extremely reliable. Dealing with her is an absolute pleasure. Great buyer, thanks for another wonderful experience!!
    11. Aquaray8 purchased some MSD clothing from me. Payment was lightning fast and communication was great! Smooth sailing.
    12. Aquaray8 bought a leeke body from me, they were a great buyer, paid immediatly, and let me know when it arrived. Thank you. RECCOMEDED
    13. Aquaray8 bought my littlefee ante from me. They were a fantastic to work with and paid promptly and kept in great communication even when some snags were hit (not anyone's fault, just life). Aquaray8 left wonderful detailed feedback as well and let me know when the doll arrived safe and sound! I would highly recommend and would happily work with her again!

      Thank you so much!
    14. Aquaray8 bought a Leekeworld Wig from me. She was great to deal with, with friendly and prompt communication at all times! She was super patient when the package didn't arrive after a while and I told her I would check about it for her and BAM, the next day, she received it! All and all, it's a happy ending for both of us! I wouldn't hesitate to deal with her again, thank you!
    15. I sold a shushu head to aquaray8 and she was an absolute joy to work with! She paid exactly when she said she would and was always friendly with great communication. She was even kind enough to let me know when the head arrived. I am so glad you are happy with her!! Thank you again for being so wonderful! :D
    16. I sold dress to aquaray8. trabsaction was perfect, very friendly and with fast payment. i highly recommend aquaray8, bussiness with you was a pleasure, thank you!
    17. aquaray8 bought a MNF from me and was a delight to do dollie business with! Communications were prompt and friendly, she paid super fast, and even let me know when the doll arrived and that she was happy with her. Highly recomended and thanks so much!!!
    18. Another excellent transaction!! Everything was perfect as always!! It's a pleasure dealing with aquaray8 every single time. Great buyer, most highly recommended!!!
    19. POSITIVE

      I inquired to purchase a Luts Kid Delf Bory without the extras from aquaray8. She responded promptly and agreed to my offer! There was a small delay with shipping due to a mistake in address labels, but she let me know right away when the box came back to her and shipped quickly after (nothing that communication couldn't fix!). I recommend aquaray8 because of her prompt communication and quickness to solve any small issue. Highly recommended by me; I am a happy buyer on this end! :aheartbea
    20. aquaray8 bought a modded U-noa Sist faceplate from me. It was a smooth, flawless transaction with her quick communication and payment-- I'd definitely do business with aquaray8 again. Thanks so much!