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Feedback for aquarius85

Aug 31, 2007

    1. Well, I guess since I've been buying often in the market, I guess I'll put a place for feedback. ^^
    2. Oh, I'm the first one again :) aquarius85 buys a pair of Luts shoes from me. Pay fast and was friendly, great customer! Thanks again :)
    3. Aquarius85 bought a pair of shoes from me. Quick to send payment and very friendly. I highly recommend her.
    4. aquarius85 just bought a wig from me and was a totaly joy to deal with. Super fast payment, and wonderful pms. Even sent of pic of the doll wearing the wig.
      Highly recommended!
    5. I sold a set of clothing to aquarius - it was a really quick and easy transaction, with utterly no problems, a great customer. Thanks so much!
    6. Aquarius85 bought a LE Aida head from me through layaway. She always paid on schedule, was incredibly nice, communication was positively superb, and, overall, I had a supremely wonderful transaction with her! Thanks!
    7. aquarius85 bought a few items from me. Payment was swift and overall the transaction was great! :aheartbea
    8. aquarius85 bought a Lati outfit from me, paid promptly and had great communication! Loved dealing with you - THANKS!!! :)
    9. I have bought a leeke hero head to aquarius ! The transaction vas very easy : aquarius answered my messages and questions very quickly, and send the box the day after my payment ! So this transaction was just as perfect as it could be. Thanks a lot !!
    10. aquarius85 bought a boy body from me. Great transcation, good communication, highly recommended! Thank you!
    11. I bought a body from aquarius85. I purchased it "as-is" and she did her best to accurately describe the condition of the body (she was very thorough). She had great communication skills. The body was packed well, and arrived quickly.

      THANK YOU aquarius85! :)
    12. aquarius85 bought a wig from me. She communicated and paid very quickly--thank you! I would definitely do business with her again.
    13. Sold 2 pairs of eyes to aquarius85 with no problems at all. Communication was polite and was paid promptly, thanks! :)
    14. I bought two wigs from Aquarious85. They were shipped very fast and looked great upon arrival. Thanks so much!
    15. I bought a wig, and everything went great. Thank you! ^^
    16. I bought a WS Juri 07 B head from aquarius85. The transaction went smoothly and communication was GREAT! The head was perfectly packed and very secure.

      A GREAT transaction! I would definitely buy from aquarius85 again :)

    17. aquarius85 bought a head from me, great transaction and completed her layaway with no problems, thanks! ^^
    18. aquarius85 bought two pair of eyes from me. She paid promptly and was always very polite in her PMs. She also let me know as soon as the package arrived. Will not hesitate to deal with her again, thank you. =^^=
    19. aquarius85 bought a pair of volks sneakers from me. Communication was good and payment was fast. Great buyer. ^_^ Thank you.
    20. aquarius85 participated in a group order I ran. She paid quickly and had excellent communication. Highly recommended and Welcome back anytime.