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Feedback for AQueenOfAllTrades

Nov 27, 2011

    1. Please post buy and sell feedback for me here. :)


    2. AQueenOfAllTrades bought a doll head from me and she is an amazing buyer! Prompt payment, plenty of patience, and a great communicator! Thanks for doing business with me! :)
    3. AQueenOfAllTrades was really wonderful in our recent transaction - I did a faceup for her and not only is she a sweet and interesting lady with clear ideas, she was totally professional and helpful - extremely careful pack/ship job, paid promptly, did everything possible to facilitate the experience, and let me know right away when her head reached her again! I'm SO happy you're pleased with Chaaya, thank you so much! Hope to work with you again :D
    4. D'oh! I forgot feedback for the faceup in between, looks like >< but we've just completed our third transaction for a faceup, and all of them have been completely awesome! Sonya discusses things awesomely (sweet and clear), packs heads up awesomely (careful and very organized) and does pretty much everything else involved in our transactions awesomely. A real pleasure to work with :whitetruffle
    5. We've just concluded another transaction, for another faceup and a hand blush job, and what can I say that I haven't said? This lady is truly awesome. Very thoughtful, kind and creative on top of the organization and promptness. I love working with her!
    6. We've just transacted out 5th faceup, and it's been wonderful as usual! I love talking about her ideas with her, she's so sweet and helpful, and all the business stuff is clear and forthcoming (and she includes prepaid return labels, which is awesomely convenient ^.^) I always want to do the best job I can for her :truffle
    7. I've got through with 2 more faceups for AQueenofAllTrades, and I just can't say enough how awesome a client she is! The neat packing! The quick and accurate payments! The insights and discourse! What a gal! :DDD
    8. Just finished 2 more faceups, some hands and feet (blushing) and a fairly extensive tattoo for AQueenofAllTrades :) She is still a super client in every sense of the word <3
    9. ~~ Took part in my April Dollmore GO, Everything went super swell! Thank you ! ~~
    10. Finished up another transaction, this time for 2 faceups and blushing for 2 pairs of hands and 1 pair of feet. AQueenOfAllTrades is still one of my best and sweetest clients. The discussion is always lively and friendly, payments always prompt, return ship labels always included for my convenience, the packing and organizing of her to-commission pieces always impeccable...just wonderful.
    11. AQueenOfAllTrades purchased an EiD body from me. She was very quick with all communications, paid instantly and was very courteous and professional through the whole transaction! It was a pleasure speaking with her and doing business with her. I wouldn't hesitate to sell to her again! Thank you so, so much!!
    12. Recently completed an Iplehouse trade/sale with AQueenOfAllTrades, and was 100% happy with the entire experience. Excellent communication, fast shipment, pefect packing, and item exactly as described. Am very pleased to recommend to anyone! Thank you very much! :D
    13. Allrighty, finished up 3 more faceups and a bunch of hand/foot blush work for AQueenOFAllTrades, and my opinion of her has not changed at all, she is the bee's knees :aheartbea I don't mind doing a lot of work at once for her, or challenging work, because she is so sweet and accommodating about everything, never demanding or impatient. LOVE.
    14. Finished 4 more faceups and 3 hand sets with some tattoo work for AQueenOfAllTrades, and again, a client wonderful in every way and a real sweetheart ^^ Imaginative, engaging...beautiful person! ^^
    15. AQueenOfAllTrades recently adopted my little Iplehouse BID Naias. Everything went beautifully. She is as sweet a person as I have spoken to, and always friendly in all our exchanges. I would not hesitate to work with her again. I could not have hoped for a better second home for my little Naias.
    16. AQueenOfAllTrades bought an Iplehouse Bianca from me. The transaction was great. Very friendly communication, speedy payment. She let me know right away when she received the package. I would gladly do business with AQueenOfAllTrades again. She was a dream buyer.
    17. AQueenOfAllTrades purchased from me recently in a lovely transaction. She was fast to communicate, pay, and let me know as soon as the package arrived. Would definitely do business with again.

      Thank you, AQueenOfAllTrades!
    18. Just settled up another commission for 4 faceups, 3 hand pair blushings and 3 foot pair blushings, and AQueenOfAllTrades was sweet, accommodating, prompt to make payment, organized in shipping and with thoughts on the briefs, and all around awesome as always! I look forward happily to next time :)
    19. I sold an Iplehouse Efreet BID to AQueenofAllTrades.

      She was excellent to deal with, as always; great communication, paid promptly and let me know when he arrived safely.

      A highly recommended buyer.
    20. Just got through with another group faceup commission with AQueenofAllTrades, this time for 5 heads! As always, she provided excellent direction (including that which she was more unsure or open to ideas about, and we were able to discuss it nice and clearly and amiably), paid promptly, mailed in such a prompt and organized fashion, and was sweet as pie the whole time. Truly, truly awesome. :aheartbea