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Feedback for Ara (formerly Ara*)

Jan 4, 2009

    1. Feedback here :)
    2. Ara bought a pants from me payment was really fast and also after she receive the pants she pmed me to inform me i look forward to sell her things again!!:)
    3. Ara bought a pair of shorts from me, she paid really fast and has been a pleasure to deal with, many thanks :)
    4. Ara purchased a pair of shoes from me. Her PMs were very friendly and payment arrived fast. It was an all around great transaction. I highly recommend her.
      Thanks so much.
    5. Ara* purchased a sd sized violin from and was a great buyer! She paid very promptly and was always friendly in communication and extremely patient! I highly recommend her! ^_^
    6. Ara participated in my LUTS GO, and everything went well! she replied to PMs quickly and sent in payments very fast! I would love to work with her again^^ thank you for joining the GO, Ara~
    7. Ara* participated in my Dollmore group order. She was friendly, patient, and wonderful to deal with. Everything ran smoothly. Thank you!
    8. Ara* bought an outfit from me and paid very quickly. She was very patient with the slow customs/po from both sides. Great to deal with and smooth transaction. Thank you agian!!
    9. Ara purchased the SSDF 08Man head from me. Her PMs were very friendly and payment arrived fast. When i made a blunder of not pricing the value on the package, causing it to be held by the customs, she was very nice and understanding about it.. It was an all around great transaction. I highly recommend her.
      Thanks so much
    10. Sold a customized FURR furwig to Ara*. An absolute wonder to work with. Quick payment and fast PMs. Definitely a A+ Buyer! Thumbs Upz! ^_____^v
    11. Ara bought boots from me. Wonderful and lovely to work with!:aheartbea Recommended buyer and paid quickly!:)
    12. Ara made a purchase from me, prompt payment and excellent communication. Recommended buyer, thank you very much.
    13. Yet another fantastic transaction with Ara*! Definately a A+++ Buyer! ^^P
    14. Sold an orangebabydolly ring to Ara and the transaction was smooth and easy! She's polite and reliable and we'd be happy to do business with her again. Thank you! :)
    15. Ara bought from me a leeke wig and we had a great transaction with good communication and very fast payment!
      many thanks <3
    16. Ara commissioned me for a set of Yukata and Hakama. She paid early and very patient. Great transaction with awesome communication. :D Thanks again!!!
    17. Ara bought an Afi body from me. She paid promptly and kindly let me know as soon as she received it. I'm very happy to deal with her since she was so nice and friendly. Thank you very much ^ ^
    18. Ara commissioned me for a Yo-sd outfit from my DoA shop "Cloak Works".
      She knew exactly what she wanted for her boy and together we created something special and to her liking. Prompt payment and friendly communication, a great transaction. I highly recommend!
    19. I sold 2 items to Ara* it was a perfect transaction. Everything was perfect! Thank you so much.
    20. I commissioned Ara* to do some complex modifications and a face-up for my Hugh Laurie head in order to make him my OC, Colonel Carnwallis.

      She was a dream to deal with, kept in touch and let me know if there were any small delays. She did a fantastic job both on modifications and face-up and sent me numerous detailed photos so I could approve the face-up.

      She has followed my instructions very closely and produced a face-up that is exactly what I wanted!

      A really big thank you and an enthusiastic recommendation from me for Ara*! :fangirl: