Feedback for ArcaneKnight

Apr 29, 2020

    1. Please leave feedback for me here, thanks!
    2. I bought a DIM doll head from ArcaneKnight and it was a perfect transaction! :)

      ArcaneKnight was really nice and helpful and communication was always great. The doll head was shipped very quickly and arrived in perfect condition.

      I highly recommend this seller - thanks ArcaneKnight!

      ArcaneKnight purchased a Domuya Day from me.
      The transaction was very smooth and they followed up with me to let me know the doll arrived safely.
      I would be happy to deal with them again :) Thank you!
    4. ArcaneKnight purchased a wig from me. Communication and payment were extremely fast! Thank you so much!
    5. ArcaneKnight purchased an Squall Lionheart Minimee head from DIM about two weeks ago from me. Everything was perfect since the very beggining . She paid in an split of an eye and was incredibly kind and patient while talking to me ^^. Also, kindly, let me know when she received her package at her home safely ^^ .

      I have no doubt at all that I would love to deal with her in future if she allows me to do so ^^ !

      Thank you so much sweetie, it's been a real pleasure to be able to dealing with you !.
    6. I purchased a Doll Family-H Takuma Kazuma head from ArcaneKnight and I'm overjoyed with my purchase! ^^ Everything was shipped out promptly, and the packaging was fantastic, and communication was great. I'd be more than happy to deal with them again, thank you so much for everything!