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Feedback for Ardelia

Dec 15, 2009

    1. I'll be the first here :) It's positive feedback for Ardelia!

      I sold her some custom eyes and it was a perfect transaction! Thank you so much! :)
    2. I sold Ardelia a Luts Howl head and it was an absolutely perfect transaction! She is super-great to deal with, paid really fast, and quick responsive emails. I would happily do business with her again!
    3. Another great transaction :) thank you so much again :3
    4. Ardelia bought a dress from me
      she was very friendly,paid very fast en let me know when it arrived!!
      thanks again
    5. Ardelia ordered commission outfit for YoSD from me. It was pleasant working with her, and I hope to deal with her in the future too ^^
    6. I have sold to Ardelia pants for SD :D
      Transaction was nice, payment quick!
    7. Purchased my Lev boy on a short layaway. Great buyer, highly recommended! :)
    8. Purchased a kid delf head from me and was a perfect transaction! Thanks so much again! :)
    9. Ardelia bought a rosenlied outfit from me, She paid quick and let me know when it arrived
      Would recommend ,Thank you :)
    10. Ardelia participated in my Dollmore GO and was lovely to seal with from start to finish. Comunication was friendly and polite, payments were swift and she let me know as soon as her stuff arrived!

      I highly recommend her as a GO member!

      Thank you Ardelia!
    11. Ardelia bought a Yo-SD size Luts Dress Set from me. Her communication was so friendly - payment was prompt - and she let me know as soon as it had arrived! A fabulous transaction from start to finish - Thanks so much!!!
    12. Ardelia joined my LUTS group order this past month. She was always clear in expressing her thoughts or concerns to me with international shipping, and was very understanding that it would take the post a long time. She is a wonderful person to work with, very kind; she also paid promptly. I would be happy to work her into any group orders I may have in the future ♥

      Thank you for making my first GO a lovely one!~ :aheartbea
    13. Ardelia bought an MSD sundress from me. We were both very worried about the transaction because the Italian post took so very long to deliver it, but in the end it turned out perfectly! She was very sweet, paid quickly, and was patient while her package took its sweet time. Thanks so much!
    14. Ardelia joined my AC group order and it was a pleasure dealing with her!
      She's absolutely friendly and reliable! Her communication is great, pays fast and let me know once she received all her stuff!
      I would be absolutely glad, then, to deal with her again in future!!
    15. I sold a dress to Ardelia. It took a very long time to arrive, but she let me know when it did. Thanks!
    16. Ardelia joined the " Summer event" Leekeworld GO I was carrying out and since the first moment it was a delightful experience ^^.

      So nice and polite in every of her messages. It isn't necessary to say that she answered me back every message sent to her in an split of an eye and that she paid immediately as soon as she received my payment email ( and of course, let me know when she received her wigs ) . It's been a real pleasure to be able to dealing with her and I have no doubt at all that I will deal with her again if she allows me to do so.

      Thank you so much sweetie for all your kindness... for this wonderful transaction we had ^^ !! Hope to see you soon again !!
    17. I sold a Soom Mixi to Ardelia. She was very friendly and easy to work with. Id happily sell to her again. Thanks so much!
    18. Ardelia took part in a small G/O I hosted from Iplehouse, She paid promptly and was very patient while the order processed, letting me know when her order arrived safely. Overall a great transaction. :daisy
    19. Ardelia bought a dollheart msd set from me! it was an awesome transaction! Fast friendly communication, prompt payment plus she let me know when the set arrived! Excellent! I will highly recommend her as a buyer! Thank you!
    20. A+++++++ transaction!

      Ardelia bought my Souldoll Janne girl and I couldn't be happier that the doll found a new loving home and will get the attention she truly deserves.

      Ardelia proposed a layaway schedule, followed it precisely and finished it much earlier than expected. She let me know right away when the doll arrived and was always SO VERY NICE, pure pleasure to do business with! I will be delighted to deal with Ardelia again at any time day or night. MANY, MANY THANKS!