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Feedback for Argenta

Aug 10, 2006

    1. Please post here the feedback for me. Now is empty, but I have a Ebay account, nickname: Isildan
      thank you all :aheartbea
    2. Argenta purchased an Angel Region Little Fair doll from me. She kept open communication, arranged for a payment date and kept that date, and was an absolute pleasure to do business with. An excellent selling experience for me!

      :D:D:D:D:D Five happy faces for this transaction.
    3. :aheartbea Thanks you are great too! :aheartbea
    4. Argenta bought my Hound and she was so sweet and easy to deal with. I can really recommend her and I hope that she will be able to get more BJDs soon. Many thanks again, Stefan
    5. Bought a pair of eyes, and they arrived superquick and safely packaged! Great seller!
    6. I bought a wig for my Delf boy. I'm really satisfied. The wig is mint, she ship immediately and she is also so nice...
    7. I recently sold my El head to Argenta. She was amazingly quick with her payment and very patient when it came to his arrival. I would happily sell to her again.
    8. Sold my old Namu head on layaway- she met every promise she made and had very good communication! :)
    9. bought a jumper from Argenta, I'm very pleased with it, its lovely

      great communication and adorable pin too, thank you
    10. I have bought for my El a sweater handmade by Argenta. It's softest and made very well. It's a pleasure to make transactions with her! :D
    11. I bought an El dreaming head from her. She was very communicative during the entire time it took him to arrive and I felt very secure, which is so nice for international shipping. The head was very well-wrapped and there were some fun extras in the box to make my day a little brighter than it already was. ^_^
    12. Our first transaction with Argenta was wonderful. Fast payment and great comunication. Thanks so much!
    13. I sold a head to Argenta. She communicated wonderfully with me through all parts of the transaction, paid promptly, let me know when he got to her safely. A really lovely person to do business with and a smooth transaction. Highly recommended.
    14. Sold a pair of CP Hands to Argenta with no problems. Pleasant communication and prompt payment n_n.
    15. I sold Argenta a pair of SD-size jeans. Communication was excellent and the transaction was excellent. A fantastic buyer. Thank you very much!
    16. Sold a wig to Argenta, she payed soon after and was a pleasure to sell to. FANTASTIC! Thanks!
    17. I sold a Luts EL to Argenta and she was great to deal with, paid fast for the doll on layaway and let me know when she received him.

      Thanks for being so nice with everything.

      Take care
    18. I bought a doll from Argenta and she kept in strong contact with me throughout the transaction and even after. She's a very sweet, kind and caring person! It really is a pleasure to deal with her. I cannot say how much I appreciate her! *big hugs*!!!!
    19. Argenta bought a NS Woosoo vampire mod from me and our transaction was very pleasant and smooth!
      She paid quicker than expected and she kept good communication throughout the sale! :D
      It's really a pleasure to deal with her! :aheartbea
    20. Argenta is awesome! She sold me some lovely glass eyes and they arrived in a jaw-dropping time! Don't hesitate to buy from her. L:D