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Feedback for Aries

May 1, 2008

    1. (couldn't find the feedback thread if there was one :))

      Perfect transaction!

      I asked Aries about putting the tan Supia Rosy she had up for sale in the marketplace on a short layaway (deposit to hold, then a full payment 3 weeks later when I had some money ;))
      She was absolutely lovely, replied to all my PMs super-fast, checked out various methods and costs of shipping for me, and when I finally paid she gave me the tracking number within 6 hours! She kept me updated with every step of the process, and gave me a refund on part of the shipping costs as it was cheaper than we had estimated :)
      My Rosy arrived this morning, unstrung as I requested, and each part was well wrapped in bubblewrap with was loads of packing around that so absolutely no chance of breakage. Rosy is in great condition.

      I am really happy with this whole transaction. Thanks Aries!
    2. Aries joined in the Musedoll GO I was running and she was wonderful to deal with. She was quick to respond and sent payment super fast, and was very friendly too. Thanks so much for joining!