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Feedback for Arisa

Jan 3, 2012

    1. This is a feedback thread that I create for myself. If I have bought or sold an item to you, please post your opinion about the transaction here. Thanks. :)
    2. I purchased a pair of brown glass eyes from Arisa and everything went perfectly! They were shipped super fast and were exactly as described. Thank you so much! ^_^
    3. I bought a pair of Green glass eyes from Arisa. They arrived well packed and in perfect shape. Thank you so very much.
    4. Arisa purchased a Soom Chalco ~ Emerald King head from me. It was a flawless transaction, with perfect communication and payment, and she let me know when he arrived safely. Excellent buyer.
    5. Arisa bought a Shinsengumi uniform from me
      and the transaction went as smooth as it can get it!
      Payment was made the same day the invoice was sent out
      and when the item arrived she message me to let me know.

      I definitely will want to trade with her again!

    6. I purchased a pair of deep blue-purple glass eyes from Arisa and they arrived very fast and are truly beautiful. Communications were fast and friendly. It was a smooth transaction all the way and I wouldn't hesitate to do business with Arisa again anytime.:)
    7. Bought a pair of gorgeous glass eyes from Arisa and it was simply just a wonderful transaction. Definitely a wonderful seller, thanks again!
    8. I purchased a pair of glass eyes from Arisa. Shipping was fast and the eyes are perfect! She's a great seller! I would love to do business with her again. Thank you so much! :)
    9. I bought a pair of eyes from Arisa. I love the eyes!! Fantastic seller, quick in reply and very polite. Would gladly do business with again.

      Take care!
    10. I bought two pair of eyes from Arisa, which arrived today in excellent condition and very well packed! Communication was friendly and quick. It was a great transaction, I would gladly buy from her again :)

      Thank you!
    11. Purchases two pairs of eyes from Arisa, great quality, and well packaged. Thanks for the great transaction, won't hesitate buy from again!
    12. I bought a DD Lance head from Arisa. The head so was nicely packed, amazing, and everything arrived very quickly. She was also very sweet and patient, I definitely recommend Arisa as a seller. :)
    13. Bought two pairs of eyes from Arisa and they were both wonderfully awsome and packaged nicely ^u^ Friendly and prompt communication~ She shipped them really fast! Thank you very much sweety >u<
    14. I purchased another pair of brown glass eyes from Arisa and everything went perfectly! They were shipped super fast and were exactly as described. Thank you so much! ^_^
    15. I bought a pair of eyes from Arisa, communication with her was a real pleasure :)
      She sent them really fast and in very good way :)
      I will recommend her to everyone :)
      Hopefully to the next time :)
    16. I purchased a set of purple eyes from Arisa and the transaction was fantastic. Quick responses, fast shipping and great prices. What's not to love? I'd definitely purchase from again and recommend.
      Thank you!
    17. I bought a pair of glass eyes from Arisa. Communication and shipping were fast. I wasn't too happy with the packaging. The eyes were enclosed in a thin piece of foam and placed in a regular white envelope. By the time the envelope reached me it was battered and beginning to tear. Thankfully the eyes weren't damaged.
    18. Hi there,

      I always packaged my items carefully before shipping them out. The foam that I wrapped around the eyes are not thin, they are thick enough to protect the eyes. I have sent my eyes to places all over Europe and Asia, and there were never any problem regards the packaging. and no eyes have ever been damaged in any way. I agree that items generally shouldn't be sent through a white envelopes, but the eyes were small enough and being protected under the foam. If there is ever any problem, you can always contact me personally and I'll be happy to refund you, and you need to send the eyes back to me. If items usually arrive to you looking that they have been roughly treated, chances are the post office at your area has some problem themselves, and you should inform the seller to especially be extra careful with items send to you. I never had any problem with the way I package before as I said earlier. I apologized for the envelope looking like they were battered when they got to you, and that the foam which did protect the eyes weren't thick enough for you.
    19. I purchased a pair of red glass eyes from Arisa. She was kind enough to hold them for me until I returned from vacation, and they arrived well-bubble-wrapped and in excellent condition. <3
    20. I bought a pair of eyes from Arisa. She was very nice, the communication was great and the shipping was very fast. I highly recommend her :)