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feedback for arkhangel hamatiel

Oct 20, 2008

    1. this is for people who need to leave feedback with me.:fangirl:
    2. I sold a dress to Arkhangel Hamatiel. She was a pleasure to deal with!
    3. yay! thankies! >w<
    4. I sold an item to them, they paid promptly and were a pleasure to deal with although I was slow on shipping. Very patient and pleasure to deal with!
    5. Just sold a pair of eyes to Arkhangel Hamatiel . Communication was great and she paid super fast. Great buyer, thanks!:)
    6. I bought a DOC body from Arkhangel Hamatiel. She was super nice and communication was great. Shipping was fast and the body was secured safely. Recommended seller! :)
    7. I traded my Leeke Edgar for Pipos cheshire.
      she shipped the next day, and the communication was wonderful.
      i highly recommend and i would defenitely deal with her anytime^^ thank you
    8. oops, wrong user. @_@ I commissioned her head! she was super friendly and wonderful to deal with.
    9. I bought a tiny from her and she was super fantastic to deal with! She shipped the dolly off super fast and included a TON of free gifts. I would definitely recommend doing business with her! She is awesome!
    10. I sold a DD head to AH and she was a pleasure to do business with. Fast payment and good communication. Highly recommended. A++++
    11. Arkhangel Hamatiel commissioned a wa-loli kimono and it was a perfect transaction! She had great ideas and communicated them very vividly! :) Wonderful from start to finish. Welcome back anytime!
    12. Ive bought a Pipos Baha from Arkhangel Hamatiel.
      First of all she is an adorable person to deal and talk with. She have been talked with me through pm many times and I can say shes really friendly.
      The only thing that matter me was the fact that the Baha was not wrapped in bubble wrap or anything to protect his little ears or faceup from scratch and that the head was removed(probably from the transport) and it could have been scratch or brokens the ears, makeup. Only in a purse. And that the white skin of the Baha was really dirty.
      Else of that she gave me lovelies freebies and she is a lovely seller, I recommend her!
      Thanks a lot!
    13. Perfect transaction with arkhangel hamatiel who purchased some eyes and a wig from me. Payment was very fast and communication was good. An excellent buyer. Thank you!
    14. Arkhangel Hamatiel bought a wig from me and the transaction was perfect and pleasant. :) The buyer was quick to communicate, prompt and notified me upon the item's arrival.

      Thank you very much~! :aheartbea
    15. I traded my pukipuki Flora for a Volks SDC Kaede on Volks boy body. Arkhangel Hamatiel was wonderful to communicate with and overall I'm quite happy with the trade. I wouldn't hesitate to deal with her again!! :aheartbea :aheartbea :aheartbea
    16. Arkhangel Hamatiel purchased a casual kimono for a SD13 from me. It needed adjustment, and she was wonderful to work with - AS ALWAYS! Welcome ANYTIME! Hope to see you again soon!!
    17. I did a commission for Arkhangel Hamatiel ^ ^ It was a pleasure to do business with her~ I had much fun to paint her/sister's doll XD She pays super quick, and is so nice! Would love to do business with her again : D --thank you <3333
    18. I purchased a bbb Sprite from Arkhangel Hamatiel. Though there was a little issue that caused a delay in her shipping due to life getting in the way, she was wonderful to work with. I would definilty work with her again =D

      Thank you! <3
    19. I did a trade with arkhangel hamatiel. I traded my DD for her bambicroni doll.
      her package was shipped really fast and all communication was great! Very fast in answering and keeping me updated on the progress.

      Highly recommended!! :D
    20. I bought a Dollfie Dream from arkangel_hametiel. Everything went fine and the doll was shipped fast and securely. The communication was excellent and I am very satisfied! :) Thanks!