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Feedback for Arlais

Jul 31, 2008

    1. just say what you have to. i'm sure we know the drill by now!:aheartbea:aheartbea:)
      Anyway this is where you leave feedback for little old me!:)
    2. Bought a darling Ange head from arlais. Thanks very much!
    3. Arlais participated in my very first Fairyland group order and I can think of no complaints. She kept up her end of communication, paid on time and was very lovely to deal with. I'd do business again with her in a heartbeat.

      :clover Many thanks to you for being such a great participant! I really appreciate it! :clover
    4. Arlais participated in my dollmore group order! Great communication and quick payments! Thank you!
    5. arlais took part in a For My Doll wig group order I hosted recently and she was a pleasure to do business with!

      Thanks again for taking part in the GO, hun~! :D
    6. I had a great transaction with Arlais! Very helpful answering my questions, shipped quickly and even added an extra gift!

      Thanks so much!
    7. Baaaaaaaaaack to say that Arlais was a participant in my sixth Luts group order and everything was just great! Payments were made in a timely fashion and communication was wonderfully kept. :) Another lovely transaction!

      :clover Thankies!! :clover
    8. I bought a Cali S head from Arlais. Very smooth transaction and excellent communication. I was much impressed by the beautifully packaged parcel. Thanks so much! Oh, I love the yummy Pocky!XD
    9. was in a group order that she hosted. Everything went really well. Kept great communication the whole time. WIll do another transaction with her again.
      Thank you
    10. I participated in a GO that Arlais ran. She was kind in her replies and answered all my questions happily. It took a while for items to get in but it was only due to a doll being ordered in the GO :). Over all I had a good experience with her. Thanks again for running the GO dear~.
    11. I participated in a Dream of Doll group order hosted by Arlais. Communication was great, the order was run well, and I received my outfit very quickly once it arrived from DoD. I would gladly participate in another order hosted by Arlais! :)
    12. Arlais hosted a Dream Of Doll GO that I was a part of. Great communication and the GO ran smoothly :) I'd gladly be a part of another GO run by Arlais!
    13. i just bough a body from her. Fast shipment and excellent condition and she got here right before xmas !!
      she's wonderfull !
    14. arlais participated in my Bygg/Beyla split for the Beyla body and OE head. She sent her payments on time, and responded quickly to PMs. Very understanding when I was unable to ship until the day after I said I wold. Altogether a wonderful person to deal with, and one whom I'd happily deal with again.

      100% positive buyer!
    15. I joined a GO hosted by Arlais. The shipping took a bit long but that was cause of the busy holiday season so it was no problem! I got my items in perfect condition, highly recommended!
    16. Heyy

      I joined a GO hosted by alaris, and i have to say, it's the best GO i've joined so far :D
      She was quick in responses, easy to communicate with and polite

      My doll did take his time getting to me but i entirely blame that on Royal Mail ;)
      Thankss for such a nicee experience, and thankss for hosting the GO so i can get my boy <33
    17. ARLAIS just bought a cass elf dress from me she paid right away and let me know when the dress arrived safely..i would certainly do business with her again
    18. Arlais bought a Soom MD from me.
      Communication was great, payment was prompt thank you
    19. arlais bought a corset/skirt outfit from me recently and was great to deal with! Prompt payment and a real sweetie. :aheartbea Would do business with her again!
    20. I bought a tiny head from Arlais and the transaction went perfectly.
      Good communication and extra fast shipping. Would buy from again anytime!
      Thank you very much!^^-