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Feedback for Armeleia/Armeleialand/Exquisite Mods

Feb 18, 2007

    1. ~I looked for her feedback thread but couldn't find it, so I started this one.

      ~Armeleia bought/rescued a Vamp Yder head from me and it was a smooth transaction all the way!

      :daisy :daisy :daisy

      Thank you!!!
    2. Armeleia bought a MSD F-06 from me and she was just a pleasure to sell to. She responded quickly to PMs, paid amazingly fast and for me at least it was a definitely positive transaction.
    3. Armeleia recently repaired my DOT Lahoos head (it had broken in 2 after a fall) and also redid his face up for me.
      She did great work and was really lovely to deal with. THANKS!!!
    4. I bought a lovely Rose Bambicrony from Armeleia, and it was an all around fantastic transaction. Communication was always clear and prompt (and friendly, which is always nice), the little elf was shipped incredibly fast, and very securely and made it safe and sound.

      Thanks again, Armeleia!!!

      - Wendy
    5. I commissioned Armeleia for a huge mod job, and she did an absolutely FANTASTIC job!!!
      She kept me updated with pics almost every day, and matched my specifications and requests to a T!!!!

      I also did several trades with her, which went VERY smoothly!!
      I would GLADLY trade or deal with her again!!!!
    6. Traded a boy body for a girl with Armeleia and it went off without a hitch. I wouldn't hesitate to do business with her again.
    7. Armeleia bought a pair of ED eyes from me. The transaction was seamless in all respects, I'd happily do business with her again :)
    8. I commissioned Armeleia for a elf ear mod and face-up...and fixing/sanding some hands. She does incredible work. Super fast..great details..great with back and forth about changes and suggestions.

      I highly recommend her and will be back for more face-ups and mods.
    9. I bought a wig from Armeleia and it was just perfect! She sent it out super fast and came in perfect condition!
      Im so happy with it! A++++seller! thankyou!!
    10. Purchased a wig from Armeleia. Shipping was fast and communication was good.
    11. Armeleia purchased a DIM Achernar head from me. Quick payment and very awesome to deal with! Would do business with again anytime.
    12. I've bought from, traded with and generally dealt with Armeleia on a number of occasions and it has always been a pleasure; she's awesome to deal with and I'll do it again and again whenever the opportunity presents itself.
    13. Armeleia did awesome hand and elf ear modifications to my El, and dragon ear modifications to my Recall. The transaction went smoothly and her work is high quality. I hope to do business again. ^.^
    14. Armeleia rescued my badly damaged Mimi head & turned her into a gorgeous elf from Magic Knight RayEarth. She is a true artist & a pleasure to deal with.

      I have also purchased two other dolls & a head from her in the past & I recommend her highly! :D
    15. I have had multiple transactions with Armeleia. She had modded, face-up and repaired a number of my dolls. She is one of the only people I trust with my dolls, and I cannot recommend her enough!
    16. Armeleia ran an Ever Purple eyes group order that I participated in. Communication was excellent, and she reshipped the eyes promptly.
    17. I jumped onto an order ran by Armeleia. She kept everyone informed and shipped the items soon after they arrived. It was a fantastic transaction!
    18. This is now my second transaction with Armeleia and have nothing but positive things to say about her. She was extremely professional about the Group Order she ran for EverPurple eyes and I would gladly join any other future group order she runs if there is an item I want. She kept all participants informed about the order and sent it out to us quickly. She's just terrific! :cake
    19. I also participated in the EverPurple group order. Kept up with communication and shipped quickly... couldn't ask for more!
    20. I was in her everpurple group order and everything went smoothly! She was very nice and effective. Highly recommanded! ^__^