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Feedback for Armony

Feb 21, 2012

    1. If I buy, sell, or trade with you, please post feedback here. :aheartbea
    2. Armony bought a doll outfit from me, communication was prompt and pleasant, payment was quick, and she let me know when the item arrived! I'd happily do business with her again! ^_^b
    3. Armony bought my Soom Aphan WS boy, was a wonderful buyer and was very understanding when shipping took longer than anticipated. Would love to work with Armony again!! <3
    4. Armony purchased a Dollheart dress from me- her payment was swift and communication excellent- she also informed me when the dress arrived, thanks for being such a great buyer :) !
    5. Armony bought a custom Haunted Dollhouse dress and head piece from me and she was great to deal with. She communicated very well, followed through with her end of the deal, and let me know when the item arrived and even included a photo of her doll modeling the outfit. I enjoyed working with her, and hope to do it again sometime! Thanks again Armony!
    6. Armony bought my Soom Marl off the marketplace. She sent her payment in a timely manner and let me know she arrived safe and sound. Perfect communication-- I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Armony to other people to have transactions with! :aheartbea