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Feedback for ARoseFormo/Adournements

Dec 5, 2007

    1. Before I forget to make one, here's my feedback thread. If we've done business together, please tell people about it.

      Proprietress, Adournements.com
    2. I purchased some eyes from Aimee - everything went very smoothly. Great seller - thank you!
    3. she bought a doll body from me and the deal went smoothly~ not a single problem ! :) Thank you very much! :chocoheart
    4. She headed the Alan Rickman Minimee Head Group Project. Super smooth, well run, and delivered incredibly fast once they arrived. I'd sign on with her for another minimee (if I had any money, that is) in a heartbeat. She's VERY well organized & efficient, and super good about returning messages, keeping everyone informed & up to date w/info, etc. (in other words, she volunteered info first to all of us, we didn't have to go chasing her to find out what was going on). She even managed to contact each of us during the Great DoA Server Crash, to reassure us all she still could & would contact us, & to give us updates on the status of the commission.

      Super commend.
    5. I was in the Minimee group order too - she handled that superbly. Minimee ordering can be tricky, especially with ten opinions to corrall. But ARoseFormo did it all and did it well.

      I bought a wig from her, as well - it was great!
    6. I was part of the Minimee Alan Rickman group order as well, and I'll just echo what everyone else said: Aimee ran the order in a very organized fashion, despite the dreaded server crash. I was never left wondering what was happening with the order, as she always updated the moment that a new development occurred. She was also very friendly, forgiving of my slightly late shipping payment, and she shipped the head with lightning speed.

      Highly recommended :)
    7. I bought a packet of doll snaps from Aimee, and the transaction went really well. Great communication, quick shipping and Aimee is such a nice person to deal with, thank you again! Highly recommended! :D
    8. I purchased some sewing notions from Aimee. It was a very smooth transaction and th items arrived very quickly. Thanks so much!!
    9. Thanks to ARoseFormo I received minimee heads of Alan Rickman. Despite she had already got Rickman's minimee head from the first order for it, ARoseFormo assumed responsibility of new order for it to help the other persons interested in Rickman minimee head.
      I'm very thankful she persuaded Danny to send heads for me and Rina to Russia separately from other heads in the order.
      The order was very well organized.
      All information comes in time.
      This order left just good impressions to me.
    10. I bought a Johnny Depp Minimee doll from Aimee, and it was a wonderful transaction all around. He came wonderfully packed in his original box in excellent condition. She was sweet and prompt in all communication and kept me updated. I was very impressed with her handling of our transaction and I would love to do business with her again! :)
    11. I bought an Alan Rickman Minimee head from ARoseFormo and it was a SUPER transaction from start to the moment where I had the head in my hands! It came well packaged, with a cute letter and all. Super contact all the way. I would recommend ARoseFormo to anyone as a very trustworthy seller!
    12. Want to add my great appreciation to those who have already expressed what a WONDERFUL job Aimee did with the Rickman Minimee head order. I am TOTALLY impressed!:fangirl::fangirl::fangirl:
    13. Aroseformo was part of a group order I hosted, prompt payments, great communication, and very friendly, would most definitely deal with again!
    14. Sold a table to ARoseFormo. Great communication, prompt payment, and overall a very smooth transaction! :)
    15. I bought a wig from Aimée and it was shipped incredibly fast! It was just as I had hoped! In other words, a perfect transaction in every way!
    16. Was in her GO for the Alan Rickman Minimee. She handled everything wonderfully. Would love to work with/buy from her again.

    17. Bought(?) a few arm bands from her, communication was great and I had friendly PMs.
      Would definitely do business with again~ Thanks!
    18. Just got my purchase today. Three little sewing notion type buckly things. I'm pleased, thank you.
    19. This feedback is so very long overdue I am so sorry Aimee my dove:sorry

      I commissioned a gown by the ABSOLUTELY AMAZING Aimee:love I REALLY could not have been happier with the turn out if I was a professional and made this gown myself:sweat

      Aimee's professionalism, patience, knowledge of skill, generosity, TALENT!!! (cause this girl's got BOAT LOADS of talent:aheartbea) and kindness just blew me away.... I ADORE Aimee, and hope I have the pleasure of working her again soon.