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Feedback for arrowchild

Oct 3, 2007

    1. A little place for my feedback-thanks everyone!
    2. Arrowchild bought a doll head form me and was very nice to deal.
    3. She bought a Dreaming Lion head from me, super fast payment, very nice to deal with. :)
    4. Arrowchild did a face-up for me, a DZ Demi with absolutely gorgeous curly-que work around the eyes, and I'm delighted with her work!! The whole process was wonderful.

      There was consistent, excellent communication, the work itself is outstanding, the artisanship and craftsmanship second to none. She really listened to what I wanted, but also was able to offer good, sound advice, and then the return shipping was lightening fast, and extremely well packaged.

      All together, I just couldn't have asked for a better experience. I highly recommend arrowchild for face-ups! I know I'll be back for more! :daisy

    5. Another faceup client from Arrowchild here, and I pretty much just want to repeat everything Haru-jen said. ^-^
    6. Arrowchild did a faceup for me and she was wonderful. She did it exactly to my specifications and was very pleasant to work with. She also wrapped my doll head with TONS of bubble wrap to make sure it didn't break. I would definitely work with her again.
    7. Arrowchild bought a wig from me and the transaction went wonderfully!! Stupendous communication skills and just awesome overall!! Would DEFINITELY do business with again!!!
    8. Arrowchild just finished a face up for me. It was beautiful and I'm looking forward to working with her again. I'm already going to set up a second commision with her.:fangirl:
    9. Arrowchild commissioned me for an outfit for her boy. She was wonderful to work with, giving great details for what she wanted. Payment was very fast and she was very friendly.
    10. :fangirl:Arrowchild did my Daigo Minimee head and he is PERFECT!! A wonderful person to work with, wonderful communication. I highly recommend!!
    11. Arrowchild did yet another one of my dolls faces ups. She did a great just was a real pleasure to work with. Everything went quite smoothly.
    12. Bought a wicker chair from Arrowchild and she was just great!! it was packed wonderfully and she has been totally sweet <3
    13. Arrowchild did my puki's customizing and she did an amazing job!
      Highly recommend :)
    14. Arrowchild fixed up the faceup on my DOC T. Too and he looks AMAZING! He used to have a lot of pink on his eyes and I wanted his lips changed and lots of gothy eyeshadow added, and she did exactly what I wanted! And shipping was literally NEXT DAY (but we live like an hour from each other xD) Arrowchild is AWESOME and I highly recommend her faceup work!
    15. I just sold a flexi-boy to arrowchild, and I must say, she is an absolute joy to work with. She is a very friendly person, pays promptly, and is great at keeping in contact with you during a transaction. I would do business with her again at any point and would highly recommend her to anyone!!:)
    16. Arriowchild did both a tattoo and a face up for me and both were wonderful beyond words! She did them perfectly even though I didn't have a lot of details to give her. I'll gladly be doing more business with her when I have the chance! It's great having a chance to work with someone so talented and conscientious of her customer!
    17. Arrowchild did an amazing job blushing and giving a pedicure and manicure to my Uni Doll Jace aka Shigure. I am over the moon on his body details and she made him look very ripped and manly! The girl who is to be his will be weak in the knees when she sees him come Sept. This girl is very talented and she is for sure going to do my bodies from now on. Hugs, MK

      Oh and she was great packing him for trip home and letting me know he was on his way.
    18. Arrowchild purchased a Monique Blonde/Blue JoJo wig from me. This was an amazing transaction with began with excellent communication, followed by quick payment and finished with confirming the item arrived immediately. I'm thrilled to have had the pleasure to work with such a responsible person. :)

      Many thanks again Arrowhead.

    19. arrowchild did a face up for my minimee boy. She is wonderful to deal with, and a very nice person. She also sent some items my way when my boy got left behind on the 2008 Secret Valentine swap. Definitily a quality person to deal with. Thanks!
    20. I bought a Dollinian Head from arrowchild.
      verry fast shipment and even a refund becouse I paid to much for shipping.
      never met such a good seller bevore ^^