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Feedback for Artemos

Oct 20, 2011

    1. Please leave me feedback for any transaction, good or bad, and short or long as you wish. Thank you for whatever service you may have provided and I hope to deal again with some of you in the future!


    2. Artemos bought 2 heads from me on layaway and it was a great transaction. Paid promptly as scheduled and always nice to communicate with. Highly recommended buyer! I won't hesitate to do business with Artemos again. Thank you very much :)
    3. Artemos bought a Milhwa from me on layaway. Arty was so nice and sweet in communication, and each installment was paid as scheduled. Would love to do business with again and I will recommend Arty to all.
    4. Artemos commissioned an outfit from my Beyond Wonderland studio. He's really great to deal with and very patient, a perfect type of person to make a commission for! He described his request really well which made putting the pieces together a lot easier for me. Communicating with such mature person as him was also a big advantage on top of it all :)
      I highly recommend Artemos to everyone and I hope that we will trade again in the future :3
    5. Artemos commissioned me for some colored digital sketches, and it was the most fun art commission I ever had. The entire transaction was extremely comfortable and silly-- he's enthusiastic and friendly. He was very generous and paid when he said he would.
    6. Positive Feedback fot Artemos.
      I bought a SoulDoll Paolo from Artemos. And he was such a pleasure to work with. He was patient and had fantastic communication. He was very understanding and once all was said and done he shipped my boy out super fast. And he was so well packaged and just as pictured and described! I would defiantly do business with him again!
      Thank you so much Arty~ <3
    7. Arty commissioned me for a FCS order.
      Arty is very clear of what he wants, which make me really easy to deal with everything.
      He is also fast with payment and easy to communicate!
      Definitely recommended!
    8. Had a positive transaction. Prompt payment and great communication.

      Thank you
    9. I bought a Soom Grey from Artemos and the transaction was completely positive. He was very polite in all of our conversations, the doll came in all the original boxes and he was very well packed up, nothing was broken. Everything was as described and I would gladly do business with him again. Thank you!
    10. I bought Soom Aphan human version and Soom Tuff Human Kit from Arty. All is ok, communication was excellent and posted the item very fast and well packaged! Thank you so much! Would love to do business again!! Highly recommended!)
    11. I purchased a Migidoll Miho from Artemos, and overall, it was a very nice transaction. Communication was good--friendly and pretty thorough. Shipping was slightly delayed due to the busyness of moving, but was still within a reasonable time frame. Packaging was decent and the doll was in great condition. Thank you much!
    12. Artemos joined my Leekeworld group order. Communication was friendly, payment was prompt. I'm very pleased with how everything went. ^_^ Thank you!
    13. I bought a SNG head from Artemos, she replied the message very quickly, good communication, packaged the doll very well and sent the doll so quickly. She is a very good person, I recommend her to everyone as a seller! Thank you very much~!
    14. I purchased a Soom Flint from Artemos. Great transaction, quick communication, fast shipping, and even included the limited eyes and a lovely wig! Very kind and courteous, would recommend this user to anyone.
    15. Arty sold me a switch huisa head. He was a pleasure to deal with and shipped very quickly! Arty even updated me when he wasn't able to ship the day after I paid. My head was packed securely and arrived safely. Thank you very much!
    16. I bought Switch Milhwa head from Artemos. Everything was perfect - friendly and quick PMs, the package was packed well and shipped the next day.
      I would not hesitate to deal with Artemos again!
    17. I bought a Switch Vian head from Artemos. Smooth, prompt and friendly communication, and the parcel arrived securely packed! It was a pleasant transaction overall. Thank you so much.
    18. Artemos participated in my recent Leeke group order. The communication was great, and was very understanding when there was a glitch with Paypal. It was wonderful having Artemos in the group order. I would happily do business with Artemos again. Positive! Thank you!
    19. Artemos participated in my Crobidoll group order and was an absolute pleasure to deal with! Great communication, prompt payment, very friendly and nice. Would definitely do business with again! Thanks again! :aheartbea
    20. Artemos participated in my first GO order with Dollmore. Great communication, paid quickly, very friendly. I would love to do business with again! :3nodding::3nodding::3nodding: