Feedback for Artiee

Oct 24, 2016

    1. Feedback for @Artiee


      I did a doll trade with Artiee.
      She messaged me about the doll I had for sale. She offered me a good reasonable even trade.
      She didn't have feedback so she send me her april story jr. fall boy first with tracking after I received him, then I shipped my crobidoll ara to her with tracking. Both were received in great condition and in a timely manner. I would defiantly buy from Artiee in the future! Best Trade I've done!
    2. Artiee bought a Luts 2016 summer event head from me and everything went smoothly. Great communication!
    3. Artiee bought a Fairyland LTF Red Riding Hood Set from me and everything went very smoothly. Communication was excellent, super quick and friendly and payment was sent just as quickly.Thank you so much and enjoy!
    4. Just bought a doll from Artiee, everything went swimmingly! Very fast communication, doll was packed great, and she even covered part of the shipping.

      Great person to deal with, Thanks again Artiee.
    5. I bought a Dollzone Merlin from Artiee, and it was a perfect transaction. Quick shipping and responses and the doll couldn't have been packaged better than he was. She even refunded me a little bit of the shipping cost, since it was cheaper than anticipated. Thank you so much!