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FeedBack for AruDeEDoodlEdOO

Mar 16, 2009

    1. Please post all feedback about buying and sell with me in this thread :)
    2. i bought a minifee from AruDeEDoodlEdOO,
      she came well packed, very very fast and she was wearing a nice dress as a gift, good comminucation too!!
      thank you! for a very pleasant transaction!!!

    3. Just bought some spare DOD hands from AruDeEDoodlEdOO, and it was an excellent transaction. Good communication, they arrived in a timely manner and were very well packed. ^^
      Thank you again!
    4. I bough a DOD E-an head from her. Greatest transaction ever! Got the head the next day. She came very well pack! I am very happy thank you!
    5. I contacted AruDeEDoodlEdOO because of a cute little msd black dress, and the completely remade it for me because i had a bit bigger doll. She was very kind and helpful. The shipping took 3-4 days, and when i opened the letter, i completely fall in love with the dress.
      Thank you so much! <3
    6. After i recieved my first dress, it just hit me, how cool it would be if my little girls wear the same dress in theire own style.
      I contacted again AruDeEDoodlEdOO, and asked her if she willing to make me another dress.
      She was very patient about the paying, i'm totally satisfied with everything, and can't thank her enough... :D

      Thank you for everything! :aheartbea
    7. I bought a DoD girl's body off AruDeEDoodlEdOO and got a free dress!!! Lovely communication and fast shipping! Thanks :lol:
    8. AruDeEDoodlEdOO did an art commission for me and it was really really good:)
      There was good communication too.
    9. I bought a little Bambicrony elf from Hannah, and she shipped the package straight away and the doll arrived to me well packed, just as described. I'm very happy with the transaction, and the doll is gorgeous!

      Thanks again!

    10. I purchased a super sweet lil dress and it was so cute! Well sewn and wonderful.

    11. I bought 2 lovely outfits and am really happy with them. Beautifully made.
      Thank you ^^
    12. I bought a set AruDeEDoodlEdOO MSD,
      perfect communication.
      The set is just super beautiful, I'm a fan.
      Fast shipment is treated
      thank you very much
      I would lol
    13. I bought a custom MSD dress set from Aru and it is perfect@
      Excellent communication throughout the whole process, and very quick shipment.
      She is a great seller and does great work. I definitely recommend her.
    14. I purchased a dress set from AruDeEDoodlEdOO and the quality of the dresses is AMAZING. I can see the work put into this little set and I could not be more pleased. I am a huge fan of her work now and will be buying more from her in the future. Shipping was quick and communication was kind and fast. She is a pleasure to work with. Thank you so much for the gorgeous set! <3
    15. I bought a corset set from AruDeEDoodlEdOO and really couldn't be happier with it.
      The detail is amazing, the fit is perfect and the quality is the same as any brand I have bought from.
      AruDeEDoodlEdOO is a lovely person to deal with, her PMs are fast and polite, and the time it took her to make the set was next to nothing.
      I will definitely be buying from here again, thanks so much
    16. I purchased like 5 dresses from AruDeEDoodlEdOO. they arrived today! well packaged and extremely well made and such beautiful and fun designs! im in love! <3 and my girls are in love as well! i will most likely be buying for her again soon! everything is simply wonderful! great communication too!
    17. AruDeEDoodlEdOO bought BF wig from me, she was very kind and quick to communicate with and paid with no time!!Very nice girl. Fully recommend her!:)
    18. im horrible at remembering to leave feedback ... i have purchased three outfits from AruDeEDoodlEdOO
      and they are all beautiful and well made. i highly recommend her to anyone with a minifee <3
    19. i bought some shoes from AruDeEDoodlEdOO,great seller,shipped quickly and arrived well wrapped,thank you
    20. I bought pre-made (mostly Dollmore) SD girl clothes from AruDeEDoodlEdOO, they came fast and were well-wrapped. Great seller, fun to talk to, and VERY nice! I'd buy from AruDeEDoodlEdOO again! :3nodding: