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Feedback for Ashbet

Aug 22, 2006

    1. Since I've noticed a general trend towards individual feedback threads, I'm jumping off a bridge because all my friends -- uh, I mean, I'm starting one, too ^_^

      Please drop a line here if you have any feedback for me!

      Thanks much :D

      -- Andi <3
    2. I bought some boots from Ashbet and they were as described- shipped in a good amount of time and I would definitely buy from Ashbet again!
    3. Just bought from Ashbet! Pleasureeeeee to deal with. Thankies! :)
    4. :daisy:daisy I bought my Mau head from ashbet she's Great and Mega friendly, and keeps well in touch :daisy:daisy
    5. Sold boots and a wig to Ashbet, she paid promptly and was just overall wonderful to deal with it <3 I'm glad Jennet enjoys them!
    6. had a wonderful transaction with Ashbet. She was very paitent and helpful.

    7. ^__^ Ashbet was the first person to eeeeeeeeeever buy something from me! She's super nice to work with!
    8. Ashbet bought a skirt and bodice from me. She paid promptly, was great to work with and is absolutely one of my favorite customers ever!
    9. Ashbet bought several pieces of jewelry from me. She's super-sweet to work with and paid lightening-fast. I'd welcome all ooportunities to do business with her again! :) I hope Jessamine enjoys her jewelry!
    10. I have bought from the lovely ashbet and she is a gem to deal with!!!
    11. I participated in a DoD group order Ashbet organized. Everything went very smoothly. She was well organized and kept the group notified about the status of the order throughout the entire process. Everything arrived in a timely fashion and very well packaged. I would definitely work with her again in the future!! :)
    12. I sold dress, stockings and panties to Ashbet. She is a nice person and paid promptly ~~ Happy to do business with her ^^
    13. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND ashbet to everyone. She is a wonderful person to do business with. I have purchased doll clothes from her and also been involved in group orders she's run. She's GREAT!!
    14. This is long overdue fb.. Ashbet is a great gal and had a couple of nice transactions with her.. She is great as a seller and as a buyer. Highly reccomended!
    15. Ashbet purchased a corset and skirt set from me. She was very friendly, paid promptly and responds to emails very quickly. :-)

      Thanks again for your business, Andi!
    16. Ashbet commissioned RCP for some customizing work and was a pleasure to do business with. She had great communication and paid promptly. She's soooo nice (^w^)!!!
    17. I purchased a Romatic Dillui head from Ashbet.

      She's such a wonderful person to talk to, very friendly and enthusiastic. I received the item, securely packed and in record time. I couldn't ask for better. :daisy

      Thank you Ashbet, I simply adore my new (half) girl. ^^
    18. Really good and serious customer ^^
    19. I bought a doll body from Ashbet, and she shipped it very quickly, after taking on the task (at my request) of removing a very very dark mani/pedi which wasn't going to go at all with the head I planned to use. She did a great job and I'm thrilled with my purchase.
    20. Ashbet participated a group order I ran and was great to deal with! Thanks again dear <3