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Feedback for Ashemanu

Apr 14, 2007

    1. Hi there,

      here is the thread for all the feedback I may receive, sellers and buyers alike :D

    2. Ashemanu bought two necklaces from Amethyst Collezione and it had been a pleasure dealing with her! Understanding buyer, super prompt payment, clear communication, replied quickly to PMs and emails :)

      Hope Phaedra will love those necklaces! :aheartbea
    3. Ashemanu purchased an outfit from me, paid immediately, communicated throughout the transaction and let me know once the outfit had arrived. A+ buyer. Thanks!!
    4. I just completed a super-smooth, pleasant transactionwith Ashemaru. Terrific, prompt, friendly communication and lightning fast payment were greatly appreciated. I look forward to doing business with her again!
    5. Ashemanu was a wonderful customer who ordered a custom rosary from me, great communication and quick payment. Highly recommended buyer.
    6. ^_________^
      Very good transaction, excellent communication, immediate payment.

      Thank you Ashemanu for your confidence and especially to like my work.
      Gab ^_^
    7. Ashemanu is an excellent customer, purchasing 2 sets of kimonos from me- Bloody Hime&Southern Winds.
      I am very happy to have this chance to trade with her.
    8. Ashemanu is a very friendly customer. She got 2 Faceups by me.
      Very prompt paying, fast and friendly contact.
      I highly recommend her.
    9. Ashemanu is a great buyer! She bought an expensive item from me and it was a perfect transaction. She was very clear in her messages and always replied quickly. She paid very quickly as well! She even let me know when the item had arrived and immediately left feedback for me. I wouldn't hesitate to sell to her again.
    10. I got a wig from her and it arrived superfast from Europe! Thank you!
    11. She bought a pair of hands from me, was a fantastic communicator and fast payer. I just wish the mail had been quicker, but she was patient with it and kept me up to date. Fantastic buyer! Thank you!
    12. Ashemanu is an excellent seller, patient, kind and friendly! Thank you so much, that was the fastest international shipping that I have ever seen!
    13. Ashemanu bought an outfit from me.Nice buyer~
    14. Great transaction with Ashemanu!

      Speedy payer, great to talk to and let me know when the item arrived, thank you!
    15. Excellent and friendly ! nice to deal with you again !
    16. i had a GREAT transaction :) very friendly.

      enjoyed the whole experience and would def buy from again if the opportunity arose :)

      great seller :)
    17. I carried out 3 new face-up for Ashemanu. It is a very serious person. I had much pleasure to work for it. I recommend it to you.
      Gab ^______^
    18. Ashemanu is great to deal with, prompt and friendly! Thanks!
    19. I just completed TWO perfect sales to Ashemanu. She's quickly becoming one of my favorite customers -- always fast to pay, prompt to communicate and just all around a joy to deal with.

      Thanks so much!
    20. I had another wonderful transaction with Ashemanu; she purchased a 4D boawig, DHB-16 with us. She's a really easy-going person to get along with, and the most important, she's a really responsible, and communicative customer to trade with!