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Feedback for AsteraPallas

Sep 27, 2009

    1. Hello!

      If you and I have had a DoA transaction... might I please have you note your experiences with me, here?

    2. I've purchased items from two people -- and I am currently involved in a layaway (so that person will not be leaving Feedback for me until the end of October, 2009 -- when I finish paying the doll off...) so, hopefully, the people that I have already paid will leave some feedback, soon.

    3. I was lucky enough to rehome a puki pipi with AsteraPallas. The entire transaction was a joy, and the pure glee that she's expressed in the doll just tells me that she's found the right home.

      Honestly, you couldn't ask for a better buyer. Great communication, prompt payment as agreed, and she very definitely let me know when the doll arrived.

      I would quite happily do business with her again in the future!
    4. Asterapallas bought a wig from me and transaction went nicely, thanks! :)
    5. As much as I dislike doing it, leaving feedback for backing out of a deal is just as important as positive feedback, and the main reason I am doing it is because I found out the same thing happened between AsteraPallas and a friend of mine.

      For Buyers

      • A hold that lasts more than a week before being canceled

      AsteraPallas fell on some hard times apparently, so I understand dolls cannot be a priority. But I would have liked a quicker decision. The doll was supposed to be paid off in full by 11-6. On 10-20, AsterPallas asked for an extension, which I gave her. The next payment was supposed to be 11-21. I then contacted her when I hadn't heard from her on 11-23, at which point she backed out.

      She did however not have any problem with the non-refundable deposit, which was paid quickly.

      As mentioned above, the same thing happened between AsteraPallas and my friend.

      Again, I understand hard times, but please be more responsible about your marketplace transactions in the future.
    6. Yes.

      I backed out of a deal when my husband lost a great number of hours.

      I also had to back out on this sale when my husband did not receive pay for an entire payperiod that he was entitled to.

      Our car was stolen last week on top of everything else.

      I was very sorry to have to back out of a sale. I explained that I knew my $100 deposit was non-refundable and now am being berated, publicly, for falling on hard times.

      Thank you for your understanding.

      Now I've been victimized, twice.
    7. I have now been harassed on another website by a thoroughly disgusting member here.

      Your actions are illegal, your manner is atrocious--and your ISP number has been logged, turned in to the site that you commited the harassment on and will also be turned over to the federal authorities first thing in the morning--along with your disgusting and harassing message. Which I really should post here for everyone to see your words.

      As it is--a copy of your message (which I've obtained a screenshot of and already forwarded the file to my local police department who was happy to file a complaint for me) will be sent to a DoA mod along with a formal complaint against the harassing member that I will be filing with this site.

      You are a despicable excuse for a human.
    8. I didn't want to get involved with this at all, because I felt very sorry for AsteraPallas, however, I am the other person that she did the same thing to. Early this year, I want to say March of 2009, she showed interested in my Serendipity Cumi i had for sale. I agreed to hold the doll for her for sweveral weeks so that she could come up with the money for the down payment. I was extremelly patient, and gave her plenty of time, only pm'ing her every few weeks to ask if we were still on for the deal. After about 2 months, and what I thought was an extremelly valid excuse, she told me she could not go through with the deal, due to money issues. I did not leave any feedback about because, as I said, I felt very sorry for her. I sold my cumi in 9/09. A few weeks later when Eliza_Maza mentioned she had sold her Ira on layaway to AsteraPallas, I was very glad that Astera's problems had obviously cleared up and she could finally afford a doll. However, when she backed out of the deal with eliza_maza, she told her a very similar story to the one that she told me, earlier this year. I totally understand that people have troubles, but I have to agree, that is AsteraPallas did not have the money to go trhough with either of these transactions, she should have let both of us know well before she did, as both Eliza_Maza and I needed the money and turned down other buyers for her.
    9. Also, I am aware of both websites when Eliza_Maza has posted about this transaction, and there is nothing harrassing about them. She is simply repeating the facts, and I find it disturbing that you are rweacting so poorly to all of this when you did the same exact thing to me, and told me the same story about you family, which now I am concerned may not have been the truth.
    10. I have offered to send DoA Mods hospital admissions slips and doctor as well as counselor verifications regarding very personal family matters. I also had mentioned that due to crisis I had, unfortunately, had to back out of sales that I had planned for.

      You did not see the harassing notes left for me last night on YouTube. It is libel to post that my family crisis is not true and valid.

      My minor son's private information is being relayed to the public--which is an invasion of privacy and a crime.

      I am reacting "poorly" because I have been wrongly accused of not being truthful regarding deeply personal items that were relayed in private and now *various other people* are harassing me and including in their harassment correspondence items that I had told eliza_maza in private and those sensitive, personal items regarding the issues of my minor child are not to be posted in public spaces since that is a serious invasion of privacy.

      Issues with feedback are different. The facts are what they are. You and eliza_maza were inconvenienced when I could not keep to my end of the bargain. I am still sorry for inconveniencing you and eliza_maza, as I have expressed to you, and her, many times.

      Being harassed by other people on other websites is a different thing, entirely...which is why I contacted the proper authorities.

      Cancelling a layaway is not a crime. Posting libelous statements about an individual with intent to cause injury to reputation IS a crime. Harassment IS a crime. Invasion of Privacy IS a crime. Posting sensitive medical information which was disclosed privately to individuals IS a crime.

      I have offered to send proof of everything that I had stated--which is a true and just accounting of facts.

      I also have screencaptures of the harassing notes left for me on different websites as well as their copies which, again, I have offered to furnish to DoA Mods and Admins.

      I am reacting "poorly" in your estimation because for the last year we have been through a lot which has been really hard to contend with and I am being publicly taken to task over private matters having nothing to do with leaving feedback.

      Dealing with this now, too is too much and I am very happily leaving the hobby.

      As I expressed to you, before--I am sorry that I didn't follow through with my sale. Your disappointment, and the feedback portion of your post is valid. Like I said--the facts are what they are. I was not able to follow through with my end of the sale. As before, and once again, I apologize.

      The issues surrounding my family are, unfortunately, true...and, again--I have offered to send copies of every slip of paper that I have to DoA Mods.

      As to the rest--the information and messages that I have received on other websites are harassment. I have the messages and the screencaps. I have the ISP numbers of the people, involved in the harassment. I have forwarded that information to the authorities who are now handling these cases.

      I can see poor feedback being left. What I will not accept is people who malign my character and harass and berate me for having to cancel a layaway due to a long string of family crisis' of which I had no control. All of this adds insult to injury...in an already bad enough time.

      I had already purchased a wig (the positive feedback for that transaction is here on this thread) for the doll in question. I paid a prompt, large, non-refundable deposit just so I could lose that money?

      No. That makes absolutely no sense.

      I'd made arrangements that I would have the doll paid for by December 19. When we did not receive money that was due to us--I answered eliza_maza's PM telling her what had been going on. Though we did have arrangements we'd agreed upon that the doll would be entirely paid for by December 19--I could not pay anything for the month of November, as she and I had planned on--and I told her that I would rather she try to sell the doll during the Christmas season versus waiting any longer on me. As soon as I knew there was a problem that I could not correct due to many circumstances--I forfeited my deposit so that she could try to sell the doll during the busier Christmas period.

      The doll I promptly paid a deposit on. The doll that I purchased a wig for and received positive feedback for purchasing.

      Obviously I intended to purchase the doll. My family situations kept me from doing that and, again--I apologize to eliza_masa for that portion.

      I do not--and did not deserve to be harassed and maligned by multiple persons on differing websites, however. Nor did I (or my minor son) deserve to have his private medical information (which had been relayed in a private communication) displayed on public consumption websites.

      Those things, yes--I have a very large problem with.
    11. As we have told AsteraPallas, we do not wish to see any documentation of this because it is really immaterial. As far as the forum is concerned, this is a very simple case of flaking on a sale and feedback. Neither in itself is anything out of the ordinary.

      Anything else that happened has happened elsewhere - there has been no harassment via DoA. Den of Angels is the only portion of the internet over which we have any control, so messages left on YouTube or other forums need to be dealt with by those entities. We cannot and will not mediate in this issue, especially if there is any discussion of legal action; it really is outside of our authority.

      In any case, this thread is being locked as any further communication between these members needs to happen in private or through mediators related to the authorities that have jurisdiction over any harassment that may have happened. If anyone else needs to leave feedback for other transactions, please PM me and I will reopen the thread. However, discussion of this transaction is finished.

      Thanks for your understanding.