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Feedback for Astolat

Mar 15, 2010

    1. Here is where you can post feedback for me. :)

      Thank You
    2. I sold a pair of eyes to Astolat and she was a wonderful buyer! She paid really fast and was very friendly to deal with. Congrats on your new girl, and thanks!
    3. Astolat bought a YoSD wig from me and was a real sweetie to deal with! Very pleasant and paid straight away. Would definitely do business with her again!
    4. Bought a pair of Wings from Astolat. They arrived carefully packaged and were shipped very quickly. Great Seller would buy from again :)
    5. Astolat bought a Glot body and a wig from me. The transaction was wonderful and smooth. It's a great dealing with you. Thank you Astolat! :D
    6. Sold a doll to her.She is a very good buyer!
      Good transaction & communication!Payment is fast!
      Will to trade with her again!
    7. Sold Glot head to Astolat. She is great in communication and payment was smooth. 100% positive!! :D
    8. Astolat commissioned an outfit from me. Very pleasant to deal with, payment was smooth and she had great communication! 100% positive. Would do business again!
    9. Astolat bought a dress from me. Everything went very smooth and I would recommend her.
    10. Astolat bought a Soom MD Keny from me. It was a very smooth and quick transactions with no problems whatsoever.
      I highly recommend her ^___^
    11. Astolat sold me her Alk.
      very kind and nice transaction, fast shipment and carefully packed.
      highly recommended!!
      thank you!
    12. Astolat commissioned a wa-loli kimono from me and was amazingly fun to work with! Her choices made the whole process very entertaining. Prompt payment - great communication! Welcome back anytime!
    13. Astolat bought my Soom Syen's R. Head. She was super patient with me, and very friendly. Great communication and quicl payment. Would definitely deal with again! Thanks so much n__n
    14. I bought a SOOM Keny wig from Astolat and she was awesome to deal with. The wig was very well packaged and would've arrived really, really fast if it wasn't for Danish customs. That's not Astolat's fault, though, and I wouldn't hesitate to do business with her again!

      Thank you, Astolat! :)
    15. I joined her Crobidoll GO and all was well! She kept us all updated throughout the ordering process and the GO was great :) Thanks again!
    16. I was in Astolat crobidoll go. Everything went smootly and communication was great =) would deal with again!
    17. Participated in her Crobidoll go. Communication was perfect, item was incredibly well packed, seller was organized and quick with everything! Would absolutely join again.
    18. I joined Astolat's Crobidoll group order. It was absolutely well-run! There was a problem ordering one of the items I wanted and she was so kind as to ask Crobi about it and not make me do it myself! Good communication and a great GO. I would absolutely join another order with Astolat. Thank you!
    19. Astolat participated in my nDoll GO and was a pleasant member of the GO! She paid promptly for both invoices and let me know immediately when the package arrived. Thanks so much for being a wonderful GO member! <3
    20. Astolat let me join her Crobidoll group order and it was a pleasant experience. She had great communication, was very kind, and my items arrived safe and sound!
      Thank you!