Feedback for Astraea Nevermore

Dec 20, 2017

    1. Hi there! ^___^
      This is my feedback thread. If I purchased anything from you and/or if you purchased anything from me, please share your feedback here! :)
    2. Astraea bought a dollshe arsene head from me in a short layaway of two payments. They paid promptly and let me know when the head arrived safely. Communication was great. Would do business with again!
    3. Astraea Nevermore bought a pair of EID boots off me; she was pleasant to deal with, paid quickly and communicative. Great buyer :)
    4. Astraea Nevermore purchased Iplehouse Raffine from me. There was a layaway with a clear plan and prompt payments, communications were really quick and friendly. :)
      Thank you for a very pleasant transaction! I would definitely do business with again.
    5. Astraea Nevermore bought a dollzone body from me. Perfect buyer, paid promptly and communications were great! I highly recommend Astraea Nevermore :) thank you!
    6. Astraea Nevermore bought a DollShe Hound body to me and it was a perfect transaction. Good communication and very kind person. Thank you so much! :thumbup I recommend to deal with!