Feedback for astromayhem

Feb 2, 2016

    1. If I've bought from you, please do leave a message :)
    2. Astromayhem bought a Soom Tuff head from me :3nodding:

      Payment was really prompt, and communication was perfect, she's a really nice and friendly person.
      She sent me a picture of him when she received him (I really appreciated it ! :thumbup )

      It was a great pleasure to trade with you ! =)
      Thank you !! :dance
    3. astromayhem bought a Crobidoll e-line Tori from me. The transaction was fast with good communication and let me know when the package arrived too ^_^ highly recommend as a buyer~!
    4. Astromayhem commissioned me to paint her Spiritdoll Snowdrop, her payment was prompt, she gave me perfect references/details so that the faceup came out exactly as she wanted, overall great customer :)
    5. Bought Soom Smokey from me and commissioned me for a face-up. Communication was always prompt and friendly, payments for the layaway on time and date discussed, and they let me know as soon as he arrived. Would definitely work with them again! Thank you! :)
    6. @astromayhem bought a bunch of MSD clothes from me ^^ Payment in time, good communication, she is really friendly ^^
    7. @astromayhem Bought some MSD clothes from me and was a pleasure to deal with. She was quick to make payment and had great communication. Thank you! :)
    8. All the thanks in the world for my adorable @astromayhem who let me adopt her Crobi Tori; she sent him even before I made the full payment and is ever so fluid and accommodating for my awkward payment plans. He has been well taken care of and I hope that one day I can meet her in person and give her the biggest cuddle in the world <3
    9. Bought a Soom Tuff and Soom Smokey from astromayhem, great transaction and would buy from again ^_^
    10. Traded my Soom Sammi with astromayhem's Luxullia. Very smooth transaction, communication always prompt and friendly, and the doll shipped quickly and well packaged.

      *✲゚* d(〃^▽^〃)b *✲゚*
    11. Bought a doll head. Quick communication, fast shipping and tracking. Pleasant transaction. Would buy from again! :)
    12. POSITIVE!
      astromayhem bought a luts kdf Ani from me. She's a wonder buyer, she paid by layaway and was prompt if not early with payments. Friendly and fast replies and payment, and let me know when the doll arrived. PERFECT! Will definitely deal with again =)

      Astromayhem and I conspired on a trade- I wanted her real skin Impldoll model body and she wanted mori kei clothes for her girl. We managed a great deal where everyone was happy! Absolutely no complaints at all at my end- she is a gem and a wonderful person to work with! I highly recommend her as a partner to anyone, no reservations! Thanks so much!
    14. Positive feedback!
      Bought a KidDelf Ani from Astromayhem. Perfect condition and well packed. She's been really kind and let me know anything I asked for. Thank you so much! ^_^
    15. Astromayhem bought some items from me and was overall wonderful and let me know when items arrived!! Thank you!! :)
    16. i brought an resinsoul xu transaction was smooth and communication was excellent fully recommend as a seller ^^ package came next day <3 (as both in the uk) would do business again
    17. astromayhem bought a crobidoll tori from me, and it's all just 10/10 across the board!
      payment was prompt as well as replies, i was also notified (with photos) that he got to them safely
      highly recommend astromayhem as a buyer