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Feedback for Atomic_Kitteh

Nov 12, 2010

    1. Please leave a comment if you've done business with me!
    2. Sold a machina to Atomic Kitteh. Was as very good keeping commication with me and paid when she said she would. Let me know when the doll arrived. Wonderful transaction.
    3. I sold a Souldoll Double Ignis to Atomic_kitteh. Communication was perfect, payment came lightning fast, and she let me know as soon as the doll arrived! Thoughtful questions and lovely chats made this the perfect transaction! I'll be happy to do business with Atomic_kitteh in the future!

    4. Atomic Kitteh is an A + buyer!

      I had two wonderful transactions from Atomic Kitteh! :) Thank you for your business. ^__^ <3
    5. Great buyer! Purchased "14mm light blue eyes" from me :)
      Fast communication and payment. Thanks so much!
    6. Atomic_Kitteh joined a Dollmore GO. She was very prompt with payment and communication~ Would deal with again!

      Thanks for joining the order!
    7. Atomic_kitteh sold me her Galena talons and not only did she ship very promptly, she wrapped those huge chicken feet so well they arrived perfect and factory-fresh-looking! Thank you so much!
    8. Great buyer!! :D

      She purchased a pair of SD shoes from me back in December. We got caught in USPS shipping mess and the shoes were only delivered today. During the transaction, she was very very nice and patient as we waited for my claim to give us a resolution and for USPS to deliver the package. In the end, everything was ok but after 2 months.

      I really appreciate Atomic_Kitteh's patience during all this transaction. She's an amazing buyer and I highly recommend her to everyone on DoA!!
    9. Atomic_kitteh bought my MSD burgandy arm chair. She was very nice, askrd questions, & paid imediotly! Super DoAer!
    10. I sold some Iplehouse boots to Atomic, and she was an absolute pleasure to work with! She was also very patient with my slow shipping due to weather issues. Come back any time :)
    11. Atomic_Kitteh bought a head from me and the transaction was absolutely perfect with great communication and a quick payment~!

      Thank you! :chocoberry
    12. Atomic_Kitteh bought a pair of jointed hands from me and the transaction was perfect! She let me know as soon as they arrived and was a delight to work with!
    13. Atomic_Kitteh participated in a FMD GO that I ran. Communication was excellent, payed immediately. Thanks so much for participating in my first GO.
    14. I bought a WONDERFUL little guy from atomic_kitteh. The wondeful thing about this is that she remembered I wanted him from a discussion thread a while back, and reached out to me when she decided to rehome him! I was so thankful, especially since he's a pet BJD so difficult to find on DoA :) Shipping was super fast, communication was the best one could hope for! And He arrived SO quickly, haha! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I love the little guy, and I'm super happy to add him to my resin pet family :)
    15. Atomic_Kitteh took part in my Dollmore Glamour Eve Muse split. She was wonderful to deal with, paid promptly, and had great communication. I would definitely recommend her to anyone buying, selling, or splitting on DoA : )
    16. I bought a pair of GORGEOUS galena wings from Atomic_Kitteh and she was awesome! Incredible communication, fantastic packaging, lightning speed shipping. The wings haven't even so much as a speck of dust on them...they are as if I had received them straight from Soom.

      Thanks so much Atomic_Kitteh! :)
    17. Thank you so much for a Spritdoll large Breast part!Very nice communication,fast shipping,good wrapping!What to dream else for??!!

    18. [​IMG]

      ~*~ Atomic_Kitteh ~*~

      She has participated in my 2nd Dollmore G.O. I couldn't have asked for a better G.O. team member. She was prompt, friendly and a joy to have a transaction with. It's because of people like her that group orders are so much fun and not a burden.

      I would highly recommend her to any G.O. leader!

      Thank you so much again for joining us in this crazy group order!

      :cheer :dance :cheer

      Over and out!

      ~*~ DECY ~*~

    19. Atomic_Kitteh joined my LUTS group order. With her I never had any worries - she responded to any PMs quickly and paid invoices promptly. She is an ideal group order participant, and I must say it's been a pleasure working with Atomic_Kitteh. Thank you! &#9829; (:
    20. Sold a doll to AK and everything went great!